Kenyans top Africa in a technology challenge


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Aug 14, 2009
Two Kenyan application developers have scooped Sh2.3 million each as prize money after emerging tops in the just-concluded Android Developer Challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa, a competition organised by Google.

The two developers are Gerald Kibugi and David Lemaiyan who developed the Shopper's Delight and Olalashe application.

The contest started in April and was designed to encourage creative development of mobile applications in Africa and beyond.

Olalashe is designed to help users call for help when in an emergency through a widget that sends alarm messages and current location of the user to selected contacts.

Shopper's Delight allows shoppers to compare product prices from different retailers to find bargains and the best buy.

Out of 29 finalists, three applications were picked. The third is Nigeria's Afrinolly. Over 1,000 developers participated.

"It is a very exciting development showcasing the success of Kenya's investment into supporting innovation," said Google.

Kenya has caught the attention of international companies and partnerships that want to transform Information Communication Technology ideas into profitable businesses expected to help the country's economic goals.

Two months ago, Humanipo, a collaboration between networks of free agents, announced it would invest Sh54 million in ICT startup companies in Kenya.

Three Kenyan ICT startups that won in the contest held by Humanipo will receive between Sh3 million and Sh2 million.

The seed funding will be used to develop the ideas into viable businesses. Google says the same strategy will be used to fund Olalashe and Shopper's Delight applications.

Google will not have any stake in the two winning companies but instead will provide additional mentoring to the winners.

This is the first time the competition is being held in Africa.

All the three winning applications and most of the finalists will be available on the android platform.



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Aug 14, 2009
good to see Kenyans doing great in info and technology field.

i hope the govt and private companies significantly their support and invest in the kenyan technology innovation sector


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Nov 5, 2008
word.. good for them, nurture those talents and am sure we will get this economy running


Sep 11, 2011
Good to hear that we are the best in Africa in term of technology innovation.We Kenyan techprenuers have no excuse not to deliver coz we have everything need in the technology industry...high speed internet(faster than SA) and the brains.Big to my fellow tech enthusiasts in Kenya


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Jan 12, 2010
We are always the best ,first Mpesa and now this...bravo guys for maintaining the momentum...and proving that we r second to none.

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