Kariakoo market area poses big health risks


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Feb 11, 2007
Kariakoo market area poses big health risks

2007-12-16 15:29:44
By Staff Writer

If you are a frequent visitor to the Kariakoo market in Dar es Salaam, you may have noticed that the place is not all that inviting. The place cannot be inviting if it is surrounded by filth all over.

Perishable goods like tomatoes, cabbages, onions and what have you, are spread on bare ground, in utter disregard of hygienic considerations.

It is true goods here could be cheaper than those displayed inside the market. But the important thing is to protect the people`s health.

It is obvious that tomatoes, cabbages and potatoes being displayed on the ground for sale are not fit for human consumption.

It is time authorities banned completely the habit of small traders displaying their goods on the ground.

``A heap of tomatoes (about ten) outside the Kariakoo market but displayed on the ground on both sides of the market, costs less than 1,000/-, while a kilo of the same product inside the market may cost you more than 1,000/-.

The poor peasant farmer will naturally go for the cheaper one at the risk of health.,`` argues Juma Simba, a retailer at the market.

An official at the market who preferred anonymity says that authorities have tried time and again to stop people from displaying food products on the ground but to no avail.

People are just adamant and many people support them as customers. But he says the authorities are serious about stamping out the risky practice.

SOURCE: Sunday Observer
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