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Jul 29, 2006

Dr Kizza Besigye at his home in Kansangati yesterday. PHOTO BY ISAAC KASAMANI

By NELSON WESONGA & Richard Wanambwa | The Monitor | Oct 04, 2012

Dr Kizza Besigye, the president of the Forum for Democratic Change, has said that the Coordinator of the Security Services, Gen. David Sejusa should stop lamenting about impunity, corruption and violence and instead join the opposition.

He extended the invitation to his former comrade in arms during an interview yesterday morning.

At the same interview, Dr Besigye observed that the ruling NRM government is “not a convicted juvenile the courts could send to a correctional facility but an over-mature regime that must be removed lest it remains a danger to Uganda”. “Rather than gleefully seek media attention, Sejusa should join us. It is pointless to merely lament…He should not naively think the NRM will reform,” said Dr Besigye at his Kasangati home.

Besigye’s thinking
He added that Gen. Sejusa’s lament revealed in a letter exclusively published by Daily Monitor on Monday, demonstrates that he is a frustrated man. “It demonstrates is he is frustrated. He either has no opportunity to advise President Museveni or his advice has been completely ignored and he has now chosen to lament to the public,” said Dr Besigye.

But Gen. Sejusa told the Daily Monitor yesterday that he could not join the opposition because “it is confused”. “Let people not think whoever criticises the government should join the opposition. The opposition is confused. I think the NRM is still here…though there are still a few things…to sort. I am not going to be forced to join the opposition,” said Gen. Sejusa in reply to the invitation.

During the Constituent Assembly, Dr Besigye, the late Lt. Col. Sserwanga Lwanga, and Gen. Sejusa, then called Tinyefuza, and the late then Lt. Noble Mayombo, cut themselves out as a quartet that would put Uganda’s interests first.

Their combined contributions to the CA debates on governance issues became some of the most contentious points of debate, sometimes attracting strong reaction from their commander-in-chief, Mr Museveni.

Dr Besigye, who has three times accused Mr Museveni of stealing the ballot and denying him victory at the elections, and Gen. Sejusa have enjoyed both a professional fraternity dating back to the bush war days and a history of close personal relationship. Gen. Sejusa in his letter said impunity, arrogance and corruption by [government officials] and increasing violence meted out against unarmed Ugandans poses a threat to the country.

Discontent seems to have spread within the ranks of the ruling party, threatening to fracture it – just two years after “beating” the opposition at the polls. In Kampala, the city authority is attempting to reclaim green spaces, many of which had been leased by the former Kampala Capital City (KCC) to politically-correct “investors”.

In November 1999, Dr Besigye had also complained through the media about the NRM veering off the so-called Ten Point Programme, prompting President Museveni to say Dr Besigye had “used the wrong forum” to raise the concerns.

Dr Besigye, who was forced to leave the army to avoid being court-martialled before he eventually ran for presidential office in the violence-marred 2001, 2006 and 2011 races, said he was surprised that Gen. Sejusa chose to lament through the media, since he – Gen. Sejusa – is a presidential advisor on security issues.

The Army High Command reportedly met yesterday, to discuss, among other issues, the General’s indicting letter. The FDC president said though there are many Cabinet ministers and security officials who are just as frustrated as Gen. Sejusa, the officer is a little better off than the others because he once in a while gathers the courage to lament.

Dr Besigye, whose home both plain-clothed and uniformed police have cordoned off, said the activists would not relent in fighting for freedom. “We are not going to relent. Police can waste public money idling around our homes. But when I want to leave, I will slip through their cordon. They should have by now learned; I have done it many times before,” he said.

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