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JK: Investigate wealth of ordinary public servants

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Bongolander, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Bongolander

    Bongolander JF-Expert Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Wakuu kuna wakati tunatakiwa kujiuliza hata maswali ambayo tuna majibu yake. Hii ni excerpt hapa chini ni kutoka url ya IPP.
    Hivi JK anapoongea kauli kama hizi nani anayemsikiliza na kumuamini? Au ina maana kuna kundi la watu ambao huwa wanakaa na kusikiliza kweli anachosema au huwa wanakaa tu kwa kuwa wakikaa watalipwa au wataonekana kuwa wapo wamekaa. Ni kweli JK na serikali wako serious kufanya analosema? au ndio ...
    Kwa mtanzania mwenye akili timamu akisikiliza haya anaona ni usanii kwenda mbele, kwa mtanzania asiyejua a wala be anaona kweli JK kasema

    JK: Investigate wealth of ordinary public servants

    [​IMG] Wants law to separate business and leadership before 2015 poll

    President Jakaya Kikwete has directed the Public Leaders Ethics Secretariat to investigate civil servants who are not leaders but are also believed to have amassed wealth suspiciously.
    He also tasked the Ethics Secretariat to embark on the process that will lead to the enactment of the law to separate business and leadership to be applied in the 2015 General Election.
    The president gave the directives here yesterday when closing investigation training for Public Leaders Ethics Secretariat legal officers held at the Police Training College in Kidatu, Morogoro region.
    He said it was not enough for the Ethics Secretariat to only probe how public leaders obtained their wealth while there were many civil servants who were alleged to own wealth which was obtained illegally.
    "The present law investigates leaders only; but we also want civil servants who are not leaders to be investigated, because majority of them own wealth which does not match their legal income," Kikwete stressed.
    He said there was need for the Ethics Secretariat to collaborate with defense and security organs and wananchi in order to establish the truth on the ownership of the wealth and verify the wealth declaration forms.
    The President said the aim was to ensure that the country had public servants who abided by ethics and did not use the public offices for personal benefits, thus affecting the country's development.
    He said the Ethics Secretariat in collaboration with other organs should prepare a law to separate business and leadership which can be applied in the coming elections.
    "There are some people who want to use their leadership positions to safeguard their interests. If that law is in place it will enable people to make better decisions," Kikwete said.
    Kikwete said some business people vied for leadership positions with the intention of promoting their interests when making decision on important issues related to development.
    "As a leader you are supposed to make correct decisions, but as a trader you submit your tender to councils. We must separate the two," President Kikwete said.

  2. Mwita25

    Mwita25 JF-Expert Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    The idea is remarkably plausible but its incarcenation into practice is well-nigh impossible. Part of reason is due to the fact that the so called 'other' public servants includes the eminent party's anchors and JK himself has once benefited from their philanthropy. Perhaps he has put the motive forward as a red-herring intending to digress folks' concentration away from grave matters and start assimilate his proposals. All this happening after he's learnt that his popularity is steadily dwindling at such a quickening pace!
  3. Bongolander

    Bongolander JF-Expert Member

    Oct 7, 2011
    Joined: Jul 10, 2007
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    The trouble is, we all know that it is a fine talk. And we have been talking about this since he took the office, what all of a sudden he is starting to lecture us what we all already know. What we needed was for it to be done. Ujinga wa kumkamata mhasibu wa hamashauri ya kijiji kwa kuiba shilingi 20, na kumpigia kampeni za ubunge mwizi wa mabilioni ya shilingi unafanya baadhi ya watu tusiaimi udhati wa kauli hizo, na tutilie shaka maana yake halisi.
  4. Rejao

    Rejao JF-Expert Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    english not reachable..ngoja niwasabahi tu
  5. M

    MWananyati Senior Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Huyu jamaa aache kutaka everything wakati hata kile kimoja tu,cha viongozi wa umma kinamshinda.

    Aanza na viongozi waloijilimbikizia mali ya umma huko jersey island, uk na south africa; waliohapa bongo anawajua na majina ya bandi waliyotumia anayajua.

    Atuache sie mbayuwayu
  6. Mkasika

    Mkasika JF-Expert Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    It is not to be forgotten that, our system is a borrowed one whereby we try to ape those who really understand the mechanism of the system. However, am always fascinated by the British system, where government ministers are told to get on their bikes and brought to account for any illegal dealings or abuse of power. Am conviced that by the time we reach the same standards as the U.K, it will be the end of the wolrd.