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Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by ByaseL, Sep 27, 2010.

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    ByaseL JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2010
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    Since the whistle for starting the campaigns was blown by the National Electoral Commission on 20th August 2010 for the coming General Elections slated for 31st October 2010 the exercise has been going on in earnest. Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) was the first to inaugurate its campaign blitz on 21st August 2010 in Dar es Salaam followed by CHADEMA a week later and other political parties have followed suit.

    Indeed at the moment the wananchi are experiencing a very awesome political environment. Presidential aspirants are falling over each other in order to woo voters to their side and their respective parties therefore coming out with a myriad promises, some realistic and others a bit fanciful. The media is also having a field day, so to speak.

    However, there is criticism that the media in general hasn’t been up to the job because so far it is being used just as a mouthpiece of some politicians, by restricting itself to just reporting what is being said and happening while completely neglecting the analytical aspects of issues being raised at these campaigns. It’s argued that by going into in-depth analysis of some pertinent issues, the media would greatly educate and therefore help the public to clearly understand what is being promised so that the voters may internalize issues accordingly and be able to vote wisely.

    Take, for instance, the promises by the incumbent president that he has been making at his campaign gatherings regarding airport projects. President Jakaya Kikwete is seeking re-election for the second and probably last term in office and he is in competition with other candidates from various political parties. While campaigning in Kagera region Mr. Kikwete, amongst other things, is reported to have promised listeners to “build” an international airport in Kagera region. Similar promises have been echoed by the same aspirant while campaigning in Kigoma and Mbeya regions.

    Mr. Kikwete’s opponents are not taking this lying down either. They are also coming out with their own “wish lists” as well as challenging some of the incumbent’s promises as unrealistic if not superfluous, just meant to hoodwink voters. For example, while addressing a campaign rally in Shinyanga region, the presidential aspirant on the CHADEMA ticket literally ridiculed Mr. Kikwete’s promises to build what he called “white elephant” airports. “While I was coming here (Meatu District) I saw a few donkey-driven carts (mikokoteni) being used to transport goods! How can Kikwete promise to build new international airports for just a few well-to-do Tanzanians while the majority can hardly move from one point to another,” chided Dr. Willbroad Slaa. “It’s ridiculous to even think of building such airports when Air Tanzania doesn’t own even a single own aircraft. Who will fly to these airports?” he asked.

    Let‘s for a moment reflect on Mr. Kikwete’s promises regarding “building” more international airports in the country during his second tenure assuming he will get the peoples’ mandate.

    At a glance these promises don’t only look superficial but also appear to be a bit far-fetched in the sense that they are untenable particularly in the short to medium term. This begs a vexing question. Did Mr. Kikwete categorically say that his administration will build completely new international airports in these regions to augment the existing infrastructure or did he actually mean to build (upgrade) the current ones to an international level?

    Let’s take Bukoba Airport for starters. This airport is currently undergoing a major facelift in terms of runway extension and upgrade of airport facilities. Once completed Bukoba Airport will be able to handle relatively bigger aircraft such as ATR42 (48 seats) from the current capacity of a 19 seater aircraft. Quite frankly, I don’t see the rationale of putting up another big airport in Kagera region while the revamped airport hasn’t even been put to use!

    The same could be said of Kigoma Airport which is big enough to handle Air Tanzania’s Dash-8-300 (70 seats) aircraft. Perhaps this airport could be upgraded to handle bigger aircraft such as B7373-200 and this capacity will suffice for this region for a foreseeable future. Not a brand new airport for Christ’s sake!

    [FONT=&quot]In Mbeya, there is a new and sizeable airport project namely; Songwe Airport, currently under construction and once completed this facility will be able to handle jet engine aircraft such as B737-300 or B757 aircraft. Surely contemplating another airport project within the next five or even ten years is tantamount to miscarriage of prudent allocation of scarce resources.

    Byase Luteke

  2. firstcollina

    firstcollina JF-Expert Member

    Sep 28, 2010
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    Mkuu sikiliza.

    Watanzania tunahitaji sana uwezo wa ku-control mambo madogo madogo yanayotusumbua, ikiwa ni njia ya kuyachuchumilia yale makubwa zaidi katika maendeleo. Katika hali halisi kabisa, hebu tupime kwanza kwa kujiuliza haya machache.

    1. Watanzania ambao bado hatujaweza kuzalisha kitu katika ubora wa kitaifa na kimataifa. Je ni kweli kipaumbele chetu kwa wakati huu kipo katika ubora wa viwanja vya ndege?
    2. Ni watanzania wangapi ambao leo hii, wanauwezo wa kusafiri kwa kutumia ndege? Sasa kama hivyo ndivyo, ni nini basi umuhimu wa kuwepo kwake katika maendeleo ya mchakato wa kumuinua mtanzania wa kawaida? Haitishi basi, katika hizi dhana za kumjenga kumkomboa mtanzania?
    3. Je ninini kipaumbele chetu sisi watanzania wa maeneo haya ya Kigoma, Bukoba, Kagera n.k, Is really it Airports?
    4. Building big air ports! What is that for? For which big business product or Cropes that we are helding or producing right now?.
    Watanzani! nafikiri, kuwepo kwa viwanja vizuri vya ndege wakati havina mchango mkubwa kwa watanzania walio wengi kwa sasa ni bora kuacha tuchenge kesho, ili hiyo nguvu tuitumie leo kuleta tija za haraka katika harakati za kukomboa maisha ya watanzania walio wengi kuliko kushangilia uzuri na ukubwa wa kitu kisicho na muktadha kwetu.