Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu due in Kenya Monday

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Mar 26, 2015
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NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 3 – Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make history by being the first incumbent head of Israel’s government to visit Kenya when he arrives in Nairobi Monday.

The Prime Minister will be in the country for a three-day State visit where he will begin his tour of the continent.

Netanyahu’s visit comes at the invitation of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who extended it during his visit to Israel in February, according to State House Spokesman Manoah Esipisu.

“This is his first stop on a tour of Africa. That he has chosen to start his visit here reinforces Nairobi’s position as the gateway to the continent,” said Esipisu.

Kenya has had established ties with Israel and collaborated on projects such as the ongoing Galana-Kulalu irrigation project.

The two countries have also worked together in protecting their territories from the shared demon of terrorism.

“That cooperation extends to maintaining peace and security. Kenya and Israel have long recognized that terrorism poses a global threat, and that it demands a global answer. That is why, over the years, we have worked together to protect our democracies, and to defeat extremism at home and abroad. We will continue that cooperation.”

Counter-terrorism, security, irrigation, energy, and agriculture were some of the areas President Kenyatta discussed with Premier Netanyahu during his visit.

source :Israeli PM Netanyahu due in Kenya Monday - Capital News

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