Is This The Worst Idea Ever?


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Oct 4, 2007
Brighton man turns to Facebook for home funding

Most people use social networking site Facebook to write on their friends' walls. But one man is hoping to use the popular site to build some.
Ben Little, 27, from Brighton, has set up a Facebook group where members are asked to donate £1 each to help him buy a home.

The 27-year-old, from Holland Street, Brighton, has struggled for years to take that important first step on the property ladder.So he decided to set up a group on Facebook asking people to donate £1 each - until he reaches his target of £250,000.

If he succeeds in buying the home he will select two people each year from those who donated to live in the property rent free.Alternatively, the selected few will have the option to earn an income by sub-letting the room.

He is also hoping to donate 10% of the money he raises to homeless charity Shelter.

Mr Little admitted his ambitious scheme is simply a social experiment and so far he has only managed to raise about £100 in three months.

But he reckons other people struggling to put a roof over their heads could set up similar schemes to help buy a home.

He said: "It's an experiment that could and should work.

"It really can be this simple to help someone buy a house.

"Just buy one less pint and send me the difference."

Mr Little hopes to raise the cash he needs by New Year's Eve.

If he doesn't raise £250,000 in time, Mr Little has promised to split the cash he has raised between Shelter and on prizes for those who have donated.

So far 210 members have joined the group.

Mr Little has opened a savings account for the cash he has collected already and is posting regular bank statements on Facebook.

To join the Facebook group, visit

My take,
He should get a job, work hard and save his money like everybody else if he wants to own a house, this is tantamount to street begging and I'll be really suprised if the coppers havent had a word with him up to now.
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