Is the Commonwealth relevant?


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Nov 14, 2006
Is the Commonwealth relevant?

President Yoweri Museveni will next week host the Commonwealth head of governments meeting in Uganda.

The summit is held every two years and will discuss the political and economic development of its members.

In the past the organisation made up of 53 countries most of them former British colonies has been criticised for having little influence.

Is the Commonwealth a colonial talking shop? What has the Commonwealth achieved for Africa? Does the Commonwealth need a face lift?

Huu mjadala uko BBC unaweza kwenda kuchangia huko kama unapenda lakini nimeonelea niuweke hapa ili wale walio karibu na hii kitu wawaelimishe wabongo mafanikio na matatizo au sifuri.
1. The body is relevant- ndo maana Mozambique a former Portuguese Colony has joined! Rwanda has also applied!

2. In my opinion- the body is stronger than Francophone body- hata maendeleo ya kiuchumi in this body is far better than that of Francophone countries!
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