Is CCM This Good or Impotent Opposition?



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Aug 26, 2006


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They have been running the country since 1961. Making them responsible for uchumi wa nchi na maendelo ya taifa. Hali ya mTanzania wa kawaida hairidhishi sana, bado kuna umasikini. Na pia kuna institutional corruption through all the cadres of our beloved state. Obviously, there are other reasons outside of CCM that contributed to Umaskini. But for politics sake, you hold them accountable.

Sasa inakuwaje tangia 1992 mpaka leo hii (18 years) wapinzani wameshindwa kuwahakikishia waTanzania kwamba they are worthy of their "majority" votes? Is this CCM this good? au WaPinzani ni mamluki? Wanaojiita political analyst will come up with all kind of excuses. Ila tukubali mambo mawili. CCM machine is incredibly organized, but upinzani has continue failing to be cohesive. Or they make technical errors. Chadema, which had an incredibly charismatic candidate--focused so much in urban areas and decide to give up rural areas. I do not know if this strategy was due to lack of resources au vipi--but the lack of grass root network did cost them.

As much as folks here hate CCM. We have to understand that they are double headed monster that will not go down easily. Heck, its is the oldest rulling party in all of Africa. CCM is a Nyerere brainchild, running on deep loyalty between the power brokers. Almost like a MAFIA. You just don't oust them by kuweka kambi mijini, hoping that Dr. Slaa rallies will save the day.

Maybe the worst prospect in Upinzani is that CCM has allied with CUF. We can agree that CUF trust CCM more than they trust Chadema. That gives them even more power. Moving forward, Chadema has to start working now, building network across the country and relentlessly continue pushing anti-corruption message. I bet CCM will restructure and re-brand, and the machine will continue moving on. Chadema has to be very careful in the next two years or so.

Tunapiga hatua jamani for democracy to deliver maendeleo. It is not easy, but we are on the right track. InshaAllah, slowly we will continue to punish irresponsible politicians with our votes. But our votes can also put ****** bungeni ie Godbless Lema, Maji Marefu etc. Democracy is messy!

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