If You Do This, Your Coworkers Will Hate You


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Jul 30, 2008
Annoying coworkers top the list when it comes to workplace woes. You know who I’m talking about...there’s the guy one cubicle over who prefers to listen to his music as if he were actually at a concert, and two offices away sits your coworker who refuses to follow basic email etiquette. What’s even more frightening--consider if the things you do are bothering your coworkers. No one wants to be “that person,” but growing tired of your coworkers is nearly inevitable when you’re stuck in close quarters with them for 40+ hours a week.
If you do these following things, your workers may end up hating you:
You regularly pass off your work. Making a habit delegating your work to other team members or employees is certain to get you noticed. If there does come a time when you have to pass off your work, be sure to return the favor as soon as possible. Offer to lend a hand whenever possible to ensure you’re pulling your weight.
You chase perfection. If you’re the person who constantly refuses to see eye-to-eye with your team on whether or not a product is finished, expect disgruntled coworkers. It’s time to set a new standard for yourself: 80 percent is new 100 percent. Forget perfection and begin focusing on getting projects and tasks to the point where they’re good enough.
You command. There’s a big difference between delegating tasks and ordering others around. Even a management title shouldn’t give way to shouting orders at your employees and coworkers. Establish more pleasant and effective interactions by asking your coworkers for their input on given situations or projects. This allows them to come up with their own solution, rather than having yours forced on them.
You’re avoidant. When was the last time you attended an event hosted by your company? Avoiding company cocktail hours is certain to set you apart from the crowd--and not in a good way. A survey by Jobsite found that 70 percent of respondents said friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life. Being friends with your coworkers isn’t necessary, but putting effort into strengthening working relationships will make for a better work environment in the long run.
You’re just plain unprofessional. While every workplace has its own idea of what’s too casual, there are a few behaviors that should be deemed unacceptable across the board: gossiping, sharing too much personal information, and not using your manners to name a few. Not only will these unprofessional habits turn your coworkers against you, they could also cost you your job. Stay in tune with the casual nature of your work environment, but never drop your level of professionalism completely.
You’re the rain cloud. Positivity and optimism aren’t realistic every day, but consistently exuding negativity will bring your coworkers down. Put a cap on your judgemental and critical nature. Instead, focus on sandwiching your criticism by giving a compliment prior to and after a criticism.
You waste time at meetings. Meetings are the No. 1 productivity killer. If you’re the person who is constantly straying from the presentation, asking unnecessary questions, and circling back on points, you’re wasting both yours and your coworker’s time. Stick to the regularly scheduled programming and keep your information and questions brief and direct.
A more productive work environment starts with a cohesive team of employees. While annoyances happen, it’s best to stay in tune with your own habits to prevent agitating others.
What do you think is the worst habit a coworker can have?
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