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Jan 30, 2008


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Guinea junta head 'will take time to recover'


Gen Konate said the opposition would be able to nominate the prime minister

The head of Guinea's junta, Capt Moussa Dadis Camara will need time to recover after December's assassination attempt, the country's interim leader has said. Capt Camara was evacuated to Morocco in early December after an attempt on his life by a former aide.

But interim leader Sekouba Konate, who visited Cpt Camara in hospital, said his life was not in danger.

The defence minister also said that the opposition could chose who to nominate as the country's next prime minister.

"The decision of a prime minister, belonging to the opposition and designated by it, is ours," Mr Konate said in an address broadcast on state television and radio.

The BBC's West Africa correspondent, Caspar Leighton, says that such a move would not mark a great change in the power structure of the country as the ruling military council would still have control over any government.

Renegade soldier

Top US and French diplomats were reported to have held talks in Morocco with Mr Konate, whom they believe may be more willing to return the country to civilian rule than Cpt Camara.

"The country cannot wait and suffer further," Mr Konate said. "The international community is urging us to speed up the process."

He added that though Cpt Camara's life was not in danger, it would take time for him to recover from the shot wound.

Mr Konata says he spoke with Cpt Camara during the visit, which our correspondent says may be an attempt to quash rumours that he was so badly injured in the attack that he cannot communicate.

A renegade soldier, Lt Toumba Diakite, has said he carried out the shooting after he was told to take the blame for a massacre in September.

Rights groups say more than 150 people were killed when the military opened fire on protesters in a stadium in Conakry on 28 September. There were also reports of women being gang-raped by soldiers.

Lt Diakite remains on the run and Gen Konate has led a military crackdown on anyone believed to be connected to the attack, arresting dozens of people.


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