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Greatings from dobea group limited

Discussion in 'Matangazo madogo' started by Baba Erick, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Feb 16, 2012
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    DOBEA SMART CONSULT is a part of DOBEA GROUP Ltd providing Business Development, research and Consultancy services. It was officially registered under the companies act no.12 of 2002 with Registration Number 75147.It operates under a Taxpayer Identification Number 110 – 536 -356. WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES. a. Conducting Feasibility Study. Why feasibility study important? Your Idea for business or project is not sufficient reason to implement it straight away. Too often people invest money in a business or project only to find out later that there’s insufficient demand, or that is not the type that customers want to buy. To reduce this risk of failure, wasting time and losing money it’s vital to conduct a study on market size and value, market share, number and type of competitors, technological and financial feasibility. b. Guidance and Support in Business Plan Development. Why business plan so important? If you are applying for a bank loan or trying to get an investor, nobody will bother if you don't have your business planned out indicating how much money you need, what for, your purpose of business, marketing, sales strategy, profit projection etc. It also gives you a road map so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve, where you want to be going and exactly how you plan to get there. However you will learn a lot in the process of preparing your plan and it could compensate your inexperience. c. Conducting Market Research. Why Market research? It will help you answer these and other questions: What is the market size, value, and trends? Your market share? What are your customers' current solutions? Do they buy these solutions? From which companies? Which solutions work? Where do your customers need help? How can you help customers solve their problems? Can customers afford your products or services? What external factors, such as competition, standards, regulations, and market conditions could affect your success? d. Project Monitoring and Evaluation It will help you answer the following questions in your project: Are you doing what said you were going to do? Are you achieving what you said you would? achieve? Is your project design sound? How can it be improved? What were the Unintended consequences? Is your project causing the observed changes? On the Other words, were your project inputs available, adequate and timely? Were activities performed on schedule? Were outputs produced? Were they of acceptable quality? And was impact achieved? e. Project Design and Appraisals This service will help you answer the following questions: Is your project visible against the situation on the ground? Does the objectives set appropriate? Does the cost reasonable? Can the project be financed? Will the project work? Will the nation and society at large be better off as a result of the project? and more. f. General Business Advisory This service will help you answer the following questions through consultations: which is the best choice of the Business Entities? Is it sole proprietor? Partnership? Limited company by shares? By Guarantee? What it takes to know to build a strong business? Etc. g. Facilitation of Different Business Registrations We facilitate registration of Limited Company, Partnership Company, Sole proprietorship, Tin number, Business License, Trademarks, Patents and Product Certification with TFDA and TBS. h. Full Research Works We understand importance of research on decision making, therefore with our experienced team we help you from Designing and testing of the research tools, Data Collection, Data Entry and Data Analysis by SPSS, Interpretation and Report Writing. i. Others However we assist our clients to Develop, Concept note, Company Profile, Business Proposal, Inception report, and Strategic plans. FORE MORE INFORMATION CONTACTS US: Director, DOBEA Smart Consult.
    UDEC incubator building, UDSM room # 210,
    nearby CRDB bank, P.o.box35841.
    Mobile phones:
    0686-530551/0658-247819/ 0764676767/0762- 126787.