God Save Magufuli

Amani Msumari

JF-Expert Member
Aug 21, 2016
Dear distinguished jamii forum members, local and international, greetings.

"Seek and you shall find". On the very ground of the sentence, seek and you shall find, I pray to God, the almighty that he save president John Pombe Joseph Magufuli.

As a concerned citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania, I am hereby writing to you, our friends and enemies wherever you are in this planet earth. As you are aware, later this year, October 28, Tanzania will hold it's 6th multiparty general election. Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, chairman of ruling party, CCM and president of the United Republic of Tanzania will be flying CCM flag for presidential position.

President Magufuli will be running for the second term in office. This man has a track record in politics way back 1990's. For the past 5 years, Tanzania has witnessed the best economy growth ever. To prove that, just recently Tanzania has been declared a lower-middle income economy country, joining few others in Africa and become the second country to enter that level in East Africa after Kenya.

To economists and concerned people know better what it means to be in that list. Though this achievemnt is due to hard work of all Tanzanians, but special compliments go to the one and only, Dr. Magufuli.

For those of you who do not know, Dr. Magufuli stood by Tanzanians against foreign and domestic enemies in very serious tyring times. He sacrificed himself for the Noble cause. This is the man we want. This is the president we had waited for. Dr. Magufuli is heaven sent.

Why writing to you then?

There has been misinformation circulating around the world on the political atmosphere of Tanzania. Some of our own people decided to turn their backs on us and betrayed us, a serious betrayal. These brothers and sisters of ours decided to become puppets in the fake name of democracy yet they have proven beyond reasonable doubt to apply no democracy in their own political parties. They apply do what I say don't do what I do kinda of politics. So pathetic.

As a country, we have our own system and will change them if need be. The change should reflect our own need and not external pressure. Tthey say context matters.

We as a country have made all necessary arrangements to ensure that fair and free election prevail as per our constitution.

There are some politicians who have already started preaching violance that if they are not declared winners, will instigate violance. Tanzania is a peaceful country and any act that threten our stability will never be tolerated.

God bless Tanzania
God save Magufuli

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