Five killed in Nairobi gun battle

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Feb 3, 2009
Three gunmen, a police officer and a middle aged woman have been killed after a heavy shootout in Nairobi's Buruburu estate.

The police had trailed the suspects from Kangundo road and killed two gunmen at the Outering - Kangundo road junction. A middle aged woman caught in the crossfire was killed in the process.

The third suspect escaped and took refuge at a residence in Prudential estate, opposite the Buruburu police station where he killed a police officer and took his ceska pistol. He also shot and injured two police officers.

The gangster had exchanged fire with the police for at least two hours and brought the gunfight to a deadlock.

Efforts by the police to use teargas canisters to eject him from the house were fruitless.

The gangster was in contact with several media firms seeking to give interviews on his conduct and the state of the shootout with the police.

The gangster, who identified himself as Steve was killed at 17:34pm by a Special force named RECCE, which protects important persons in the country.

Upon arrival at the scene, RECCE broke into the house and sh

Earlier, Steve called the
Nation saying he was ready to confess his deeds and would like to see his life spared.

"I am surrounded by police in a house in the estate", he said.

At one time when the Nation returned his call, he was heard shouting and pleading amidst the sound of gunfire that could be heard in the background.

The same caller was interviewed by a Nairobi based FM station, which aired the interview.

In the recorded interview the caller is heard saying he will "surrender and was ready to confess to anything". The caller also said he was in possession of an AK-47 gun, a police uniform and a ceska pistol which he took from the dead police officer.

He told the Nation that he wanted "the media and human rights groups to come and save him from being killed claiming he was innocent".

Efforts to get through his number by the Nation newsdesk later on Saturday afternoon proved futile as the number was switched off.

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