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  • 1) [Upon being asked what he does with his spare time] "I watch football."

    2) "I tried to watch the Tottenham match on television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep."

    3) "When I first came to Arsenal, I realised the back four were all university graduates in the art of defending. As for Tony Adams, I consider him to be a doctor of defence. He is simply outstanding."

    4) [On the qualities of Dennis Bergkamp] "Intelligence and class. Class is of course, most of the time linked to what you can do with the ball, but the intelligence makes you use the technique in an efficient way. It's like somebody who has a big vocabulary but he doesn't say intelligent words, and somebody who has a big vocabulary but he can talk intelligently, and that's what Dennis is all about. What he does, there's always a head and always a brain. And his technique allows him to do what he sees, and what he decides to do."

    5) [After the Arsenal fans booed a 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough in November 1998] "If you eat caviar every day it's difficult to return to sausages."

    6) "A company works best when everybody does the job he is paid to do."

    7) "Sometimes now, when I watch continental games on television, I'm a bit bored. I'm thinking: 'Where is the intensity?'"

    8) [In 2003] "It's not impossible. I know it will be difficult for us to go through the season unbeaten. But if we keep the right attitude it's possible we can do it."

    9) [On Jose Mourinho after the then Chelsea boss accused him of being a voyeur] "He's out of order, disconnected with reality and disrespectful. When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more stupid sometimes and not more intelligent."

    10) "A football team is like a beautiful woman. When you do not tell her, she forgets she is beautiful."

    11) [In response to Sepp Blatter's accusation that big clubs were guilty of 'child slavery] "If you have a child who is a good musician, what is your first reaction? It is to put them into a good music school, not in an average one. So why should that not happen in football?"

    12) [After the departure of Sol Campbell to Portsmouth] "It is a big surprise to me because he cancelled his contract to go abroad. Have you sold Portsmouth to a foreign country?"

    13) "I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art. When you read some books they are fantastic, the writer touches something in you that you know you would not have brought out of yourself. He makes you discover something interesting in your life. If you are living like an animal, what is the point of living? What makes daily life interesting is that we try to transform it to something that is close to art. And football is like that. When I watch Barcelona, it is art."

    14) "When you represent a club it's about values and qualities, not about passports."

    15) "If I go into a season and I say, 'For fu*k's sake, if we don't win anything, they will all leave,' I have already lost. The problem of the media is always to imagine the worst. The problem of the manager is always to imagine the best."

    16) [After the success of the Great Britain team at the Olympics] "I didn't know the English were good at swimming. I have been in this country for 12 years and I haven't seen a swimming pool."

    17) "The biggest things in life have been achieved by people who, at the start, we would have judged crazy. And yet if they had not had these crazy ideas the world would have been more stupid."

    18) "There is no better psychological education than growing up in a pub when you are five or six because you meet all different people and hear how cruel they can be. You hear the way they talk to each other like saying 'You're a liar.' And from an early age you get a practical psychological education into the minds of people."

    19) "I started at 33 as a manager and sometimes I felt I wouldn't survive. Physically I was sick."

    20) "Politically, I am for efficiency. Economically first. Until the 1980s the world was divided into two, people were either communist or capitalist. The communist model does not work economically, we all realised that, but the capitalist model in the modern world also looks to be unsustainable. You cannot ignore individual interests, but I believe the world evolves slowly. The last 30 years have brought a minimum amount of money for everybody in the west, the next step, politically, would be a maximum amount of money earned by everybody."

    21) "As long as no-one scored, it was always going to be close."

    22) "If I asked you who was the best team in the world you would say Brazil. And do they play good football? Yes. Which club won everything last year? Barcelona. Good football. I am not against being pragmatic, because it is pragmatic to make a good pass, not a bad one. If I have the ball, what do I do with it? Could anybody argue that a bad solution like just kicking it away is pragmatic just because, sometimes, it works by accident?"

    23) [In response to Sir Alex Ferguson's claim that he possessed the best team in the league despite Arsenal winning the title in 2002] "Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home."

    24) "Ferguson should calm down. Maybe it would have been better if he had put us against a wall and shot us."

    25) "He [Ferguson] doesn't interest me and doesn't matter to me at all. I will never answer to any provocation from him any more."

    26) [To journalists regarding Ferguson] "What I don't understand is that he does what he wants and you are all at his feet."

    27) "Ferguson's out of order. He has lost all sense of reality. He is going out looking for a confrontation, then asking the person he is confronting to apologise. He's pushed the cork in a bit far this time."

    28) [Upon being asked if he had received the apology that Sir Alex had announced he had sent to Wenger] "No. Perhaps he sent it by horse."

    29) "I'm ready to take the blame for all the problems of English football if that is what he wants."

    30) [After Jose Reyes announced he wanted to leave Arsenal] "It's like you wanting to marry Miss World and she doesn't want you. I can try to help you but if she does not want to marry you what can I do?"

    31) "Despite the global warming, England is still not warm enough for him."

    32) "Gerard Houllier's thoughts on the matter [international football] echo mine. He thinks that what the national coaches are doing is like taking the car from his garage without even asking permission. They will then use the car for ten days and abandon it in a field without any petrol left in the tank. We then have to recover it, but it is broken down. Then a month later they will come to take your car again, and for good measure you're expected to be nice about it."

    33) "Gerard is an open-minded and passionate man. I am the opposite: stubborn and stupid. But sometimes stupid behaviour makes you win."

    34) "I do not think about the national team too much because footballistically it is not of too much interest."

    35) [On losing the lead of the league in November 2004] "It's like a child who is used to having ice cream whenever he wants. When it doesn't come when he asks he tends to get confused and nervous."

    36) "Any man who concentrates his energies totally on one passion is, by definition, someone who hurts the people close to him."

    37) "We were considering him [Ruud van Nistelrooy] and Francis Jeffers and, in the end, we went for Jeffers."

    38) "Maybe people will be surprised that I have signed an Englishman but I looked at his quality and not his passport. Francis is a 'fox in the box'."

    39) [On Ruud van Nistelrooy in 2003] "He can only cheat."

    40) "I think in England you eat too much sugar and meat and not enough vegetables."

    41) "I lived for two years in Japan and it was the best diet I ever had. The whole way of life there is linked to health. Their diet is basically boiled vegetables, fish and rice. No fat, no sugar. You notice when you live there that there are no fat people."

    42) "One of the things I discovered in Japan was from watching sumo wrestling. At the end you can never tell who has won the fight, and who has lost, because they do not show their emotion because it could embarrass the loser. It is unbelievable. That is why I try to teach my team politeness. It is only here in England that everybody pokes their tongue out when they win."

    43) "What's really dreadful is the diet in Britain. The whole day you drink tea with milk and coffee with milk and cakes. If you had a fantasy world of what you shouldn't eat in sport, it's what you eat here."

    44) "If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all."

    45) [On Arsenal's recruitment policy] "If I give you a good wine, you will see how it tastes and after you ask where it comes from."

    46) "I don't kick dressing room doors or the cat or even football journalists."

    47) "At some clubs success is accidental. At Arsenal it is compulsory."

    48) "Nobody has enough talent to live on talent alone. Even when you have talent, a life without work goes nowhere."

    49) "You have to be a masochist to be an international manager."

    50) "For me, when you change more than three players in a team, you always take a technical risk because you change the deep structure of the team and the deep balance of the team, mentally and technically."

    51) "We do not buy superstars. We make them."

    52) "The real revelation of a player's character is not in his social life but in how he plays. In my social life I can hide my real personality."

    53) [After Martin Taylor snapped Eduardo's leg in half] "The guy should never ever play football again."

    54) [On how long Tomas Rosicky would be ruled out for at the start of his 18-month recuperation] "Days not weeks."

    55) "I am in a job where you always look in front of you. Unfortunately, the older you get, the less distance there is in front of you."

    56) "We try to go a different way that, for me, is respectable. Briefly, these are the basics. I thought: "We are building a stadium, so I will get young players in early so I do not find myself exposed on the transfer market without the money to compete with the others. I build a team, and we compensate by creating a style of play, by creating a culture at the club because the boy comes in at 16 or 17 and when they go out they have a supplement of soul, of love for the club, because they have been educated together. The people you meet at college from 16 to 20, often those are the relationships in life that keep going. That, I think, will give us strength that other clubs will not have."

    57) "What motivates me is an ideal of thinking about how football should be. And to try to get near this way of playing. And to try to improve all aspects of my personality that can help me get near this ideal way of playing football."

    58) [On Emmanuel Adebayor's stamp on Robin van Persie] "I watched it when I got home and it looked very bad. You ask 100 people, 99 will say it's very bad and the hundredth will be Mark Hughes."

    59) "I did not see the incident."

    60) "I do not like to make a fuss, it'll just be another day. I want to stay 59."

    61) "There are two categories of club, one travels with petrol & one that travels with sweat. We travel with sweat!"

    62) "Some are wrong because they are not strong enough to fight temptation and some some are wrong because they do not know."

    63) "If I was the other players I would think ‘I have a good opportunity to play’. If you have been a football player you never cry when somebody goes."

    64) "Sometimes you have to Swallow the UnSwallowable."

    65) “I have shown in my 15 years that I am capable of bringing in quality. You have to trust my judgement ”

    66) 'I'm like somebody who flies a plane for 30 yrs & I have to accept someone can come into the cockpit & think he can fly it better.'

    '67) "If you do not turn up with the same competitive spirit in every game you can lose games everywhere"

    68) “What I would like from our fans is to be behind the team until the last day, the last minute, of the season"

    69) "i cannot as well sit there and be placid like I am on dope!"

    70) "In my job you expect to suffer that’s why when I go to hell one day it will be less painful for me than for you, I’m used to suffering"

    71) ‎'When a German communicates, you listen" on Per's valuable inputs for Dortmund game !

    72) "I will send my vibes and hope they will not be detected by Uefa"

    73) "Everybody has an opinion - after one game everybody knows who will win every competition."

    74) "Our society is sick enough of people talking about stuff they don’t know about "

    75) "It is too difficult to always be intelligent when you always talk."

    76) "You [the media] were consistent in wanting to get me out and I was consistent in wanting to stay. So we were both consistent."

    77) “I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.”

    78) "When I arrive at the gates of Heaven the Good Lord will ask 'what did you do in your life?'
    "I will respond 'I tried to win football matches.' He will say: 'Are you certain that's all?' But, well, that's the story of my life."

    79) "I take pride in the fact that people go home having felt that for one-and-a-half hours, life is beautiful - and that’s it, basically, that’s why professional football exists."

    80) "If you lose 2 games your the worst team in the world and if you win 2 games your the best. The reality is always in between"

    81) ‎"When I was a kid, there was three rankings - National class, International class and World class. Robin Van Persie is World class."

    82) "I would leave the transfer window completely open all year, or you close it for a whole year."

    83) "There are two categories of clubs, one travels with petrol & one that travels with sweat. We travel with sweat!"
    84) You can feel sorry for yourself or show you have the mental qualities to play for this club.

    85) Arsène Wenger when asked about keeping Henry: "I always tell you the truth. I do not always tell you the complete truth."

    86) If you worry excessively about yesterday, you harm tomorrow’s chances - Arsene Wenger

    87) "There is no disgrace in wanting to win, but it has to be done - the right way - within the spirit of football" Arsene Wenger

    88) They are very creative. They've created another story. They don't care at all. They just create stories

    89) "He finished the story of the legend"

    90) "If I thought we had no chance to win the game I would stay at home. I don't like to waste my time,"

    91) Wenger on Milan trying to repair San Siro pitch: "They tried to make it better than i twas and they've made it worse."

    92) "At the moment I get many lessons from many people who have managed zero clubs and zero games and zero European games."
    93) If spirit won prizes, Arsenal would win the lot.

    94) I doesn't matter how good your team is. If you can't rely on your keeper you simply won't succeed.

    95) There’s not much money in the transfer market – unless you are rich

    96) I believe it is a bit simplistic as well to say that we have no trophies, like the club has not existed in the last five years.

    97) The biggest room in the world is the room to improve.

    98) After win over SPUDS: "Tottenham started well, but then it was all us for 85 minutes."

    99) Arsene Wenger : "If the manager is not the most important person at the club, then why is he the first one to be sacked everytime things go wrong?

    100) "You can tell Milan we will play on a real football pitch"

    101) Reporter: Arsene can i ask you, if you've opened talks with Alex Song over a new contract

    Arsene: no its , its news papers who have opened talks, now, they should inform me how much they offer for how long, I would like to know .

    102) "Every time we are in trouble someone finds something special and the confidence is very high. The job isn't done yet."

    103) "It's impossible for us to match Chelsea's spending power - unless we find oil at Highbury..."

    104) ‎"One day if you have nothing to do, look at the number of players I bought into national teams."


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