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Explanation of virus

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by CPU, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Jan 17, 2011
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    Virus is a little program that its activity can destruct/destroy some files and a computer system. If you don't open this program, it still inactive and could not destroy anything.

    The virus program brought to you by an email as attachment from spammer or known as cracker. It has a server itself (virus server). Virus attachment cannot go into another email then become attachment the another email, such as an email was sent by user (netter), members of group, moderator etc. It must be brought to you by email virus itself, that's why, we called them VIRUS EMAIL or SPAM.

    VIRUS EMAIL would be sent by any email address of any account, because some crackers always search and catch email address in boxes FROM, TO: and CC: of sending email including from user's address book.

    They search to found out then copy or cracked some addresses, even some sending email included its subject line from mailbox of users' anywhere. So that why the virus email looks like was sent by our friend, our member, our moderator etc..... may be able even by email address yourself.

    How to identification of virus attachment: it has a small size (181-285 KB ), it has extension file name such as below (don't open it):

    and more other new extension name files, and some time it appears as the compressed file... *.zip file.

    Also by a fake name like this HotMovie.MPEG_ _________ scr. actually that file is virus file with extension .scr

    Beware, safe to be safe is only open *.JPG file.

    By having experience you could identified an email virus from their SUBJECT, most of them contains an amazing statement or unusual word, such as the following examples (don't open it):

    Hi :)
    Weah ^_^ :))
    Hokki =)
    ello! =))
    Hello -:))
    Hey, dude, it's me ^_^ access Mpeg

    Re:your text
    Re:Text message
    Re:Msg reply
    Re:Is that your document?
    Re:Hot Movie(MPEG)
    Re:Information. ..
    Re;Important info
    Re:This is your photos!:)

    and more, and more...and in this year virus type of warm was able to copy your sending email included subject line, but the copied email consist of virus attachment.

    When you received emails with that subject matter, delete it straight away.

    Don't open it any more. Otherwise the virus sender will see that your account is still active.

    NOTE: If you write an email, don't make subject line with words look like VIRUS EMAIL, otherwise your email will be deleted by recipient.

    BEWARE it's dangerous.

    *** If one of your files has an infected virus, it could infect other files and then all files in your hard drive when you open or accessed it.

    *** Don't open or reply virus email, so that, they can't see you still active.