Eliminate toxins to heal your diabetes


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Feb 3, 2009
A slew of evidence links chemical toxins to higher

diabetes risk. Toxins disrupt the smooth functioning

of your metabolism, so minimize your exposure

to toxic substances and strengthen your liver to

help heal your diabetes. Here’s how…

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from the environment

accumulate in body tissues, stressing the

liver as it tries to eliminate them, causing cell mutations

(cancer), disrupting the endocrine system (that

includes all hormones, blood sugar metabolism and

the reproductive system), and depressing your immunity,

which leaves you vulnerable to infections,

disease and cancer. POPs are in our water, air and

household cleaners. They’re in body care products

such as shampoo and lotion. And they’re present

in our foods, plus their packaging and processing.

You can’t escape these ever-present toxic chemicals,

but you can reduce your danger by changing your

purchasing habits. More importantly, you can help

the body’s elimination system rid your bloodstream

and fat tissues of toxins accumulated over time.

By eliminating processed foods and factory-farm

feedlot meats, you remove a major source of toxic

chemicals from your life.

Loading up on vegetables, fruits, beans and whole

grains provides extraordinary support to your digestive

system – including your liver – in clearing toxins from

your body because they adds load of fiber – fiber which

binds to wastes and moves them out of your system.

Daily exercise stimulates your respiratory system—

heart, lungs and breathing—all natural detoxifiers! As

you lose weight, you shed the fat that stores toxins.

Quit sugary drinks and replace them with water so you

can flush your body with one of life’s greatest detoxifiers:

pure water, the best choice for washing away impurities.


I don’t recommend fad detox “cleansing” diets and

fasting regimens because they dramatically disturb

metabolism—and may even do long-term damage.

People with diabetes need a steady source of nutrients

to support blood sugar, so avoid these quickie fixes.

It’s essential for you to reject any dietary protocol that

could overstress your body’s metabolism. Instead, keep

eating the Diabetes Healing Superfoods and eliminate

as many of the toxins in your diet and environment

that you can find....you’ll enjoy a safe, natural and

nourishing “detox” without jeopardizing your health!

Salmon and Omega 3 Seafood High in protein

and good fats that help stabilize blood sugar. Stick with

wild salmon (fresh or canned), halibut, scallops, shrimp,

sardines, anchovies and tuna.

Beans Excellent source of fiber for slowing digestion and

reducing blood sugar spikes; high in phytonutrients like

Onions Reduce blood sugar and increase insulin

sensitivity, plus a good source of healing vitamin C.

Contains the potent antioxidant flavonoid, called

quercetin, which helps protect against the eye problems

associated with diabetes, especially retinopathy.

Broccoli and other Crucifers High in sulforaphane,

which plays a major role in protecting blood vessels damaged

by high blood sugar, and reducing risk of heart disease. Supports

the liver in detoxifying and protects against oxidative

Olive oil High in monounsaturated fats which lower blood

glucose as well as cholesterol and triglycerides. Also supports

weight loss!

Romaine Rich in chromium to help break down blood sugar

and lowers your cholesterol and triglycerides too. Also high

in healing fiber, manganese for protection against heart

disease and powerhouse vitamins A, C, K and folate.

Yogurt Yogurt improves glucose metabolism, insulin

sensitivity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Beneficial

bacteria improves digestion and absorption of nutrients

from foods. High in protein and calcium, both essential

for maintaining healthy weight.

Grapefruit High in vitamin C and lycopene, antioxidants

that help protect against heart disease by lowering cholesterol

and fighting free radicals. Pectin helps moderate blood

sugar spikes.

Nuts Excellent source of good fats and protein, vitamins,

minerals and fiber. High in antioxidants, which protect

against heart disease and help manage blood sugar

metabolism and healthy weight.

Curry a pungent mix of spices that reduce inflammation

and insulin resistance, repair and prevent the damage done

by free radicals and slow the metabolism of glucose in the


Whole Grains Contain essential nutrients and fiber, crucial

for stabilizing blood sugar levels and controlling your

weight. Slow to digest, whole grains reduce blood

sugar spikes and overcome insulin resistance.

Lean Meat High-quality grass fed meats are high in good

fats and potein, but low in calories, all essential for maintaining

healthy weight and metabolism.

For more Diabetes Healing Superfoods and

FREE Recipes, visit MyHealingKitchen.com

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