Donald Trump is loosing on COVID-19 battle as US records 1.3 Million cases

Mr What

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Oct 22, 2016

We are all aware of the situation in the globe as coronavirus has shaken countries and economies.Many countries have embarked on strict measures to curb the disease inform of total lockdowns and curfews..With some countries seeing the effectiveness by a drop of cases ,others are still experiecing alarming rise of cases.European countries ,France,Germany ,Italy,UK have been hit hard by the virus but are slowly controlling the pandemic.


The US is the leading country with confirmed cases and now has surpased the 1 million mark with 1,322,164 confirmed cases.Active cases are now 1,019,799 cases.The US ia not showing signs of slowing down and US president Donald Trump might be overwhelmed and may loose the battle.

There is incredibly a massive gap between the US and the second country in the list;Italy which has 260,117 confirmed cases.Thia gap shows the efforts of other countries to curb the virus as compared to America.If no strict measures are put in place ,US might record more than 3 million cases in no time.

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