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Did You Read the Guardian editorial?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Kichuguu, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Kichuguu

    Kichuguu Platinum Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    When will some African leaders become civilised?

    By Editor

    13th March 2011
    Editorial Cartoon

    For five decades, post-colonial Africa witnessed the mushrooming of brutal dictators like General Macias Nguema, Idi Amin Dada, Jean Bedel Bokasa, Mobutu Seseseko, Robert Mugabe, Muammar Gaddafi and many more. During that period, too, Africa has been bedevilled by a chain of brutal civil wars which cost millions of lives as well as causing great human rights violations and underdevelopment.
    Some rebel-leaders-turned democratic leaders have solid grounds to justify their fight, but majority of them were just propelled by the lust for power and looting of resources.

    But in that category also, were characters that weren't propelled by the patriotic or nationalistic spirit, but were creations of the colonialists who loathed the emergence of a stable Africa after they were forcibly or diplomatically chased out of the continent.

    At the end of the 20th century, Africans especially the civilians, paid a heavy price caused by dictatorship and civil wars. However, many Africans finally saw hope coming when internal and external forces forced the continent to introduce multiparty democracy and good governance as the major pillars of development in the 21st century.

    While a lot of things have changed positively during that period, we still have leaders who have purposely decided to be presidents for life. They include Gaddafi, Yoweri Museveni, Robert Mugabe and Paul Biya.

    Capitalising on their role in toppling the previous brutal regimes plus the lust for power and wealth, these leaders virtually thrust upon themselves the divine right to rule forever till they were silenced by death.

    Some have stayed in power for a quarter century, while others are nearing half century, but they still don't want to quit voluntarily. Others have just stayed for five years but when they are defeated democratically at elections, they mobilise their soldiers to rig the votes and finally protect the rigged ballots by the barrel of the gun like what we have witnessed in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ivory Coast.

    But when their people decide to riot, demanding regime change, these dictators will be the first to blame the West or in the Libyan case, Al Qaeda. Since their minds and hearts are full of darkness, and their eyes blinded by the stolen billions, they are not ready to see that they are the cause of their downfall.
    It's an undeniable truth that this generation of greedy and egoistic leadership paints a negative image of Africa. Today television stations around the world are showing angry youths protesting various brutal regimes in Africa instead of showing how the green revolution is taking place around the continent, for uplifting the livelihoods of the continent's peoples.

    In yesteryears, these TV stations aired the images of dead, bodies of mainly women and children butchered or killed in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sudan, Siera Leone, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Angola and South Africa.

    Today, Africa spends a lot of resources to heal the wounds and scars left behind by brutal regimes instead of committing them on worthy causes like combating poverty, hunger anger and diseases.

    The question we are compelled to ask loudly and angrily today: When will some of African leaders become civilised? Why do they cling to power for decades even when their people are against them? How long shall Africa continue to nurture these kinds of leaders?

    Two words are missing from this editorial: Kikwete, Tanzania.
  2. Kobello

    Kobello JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    who lost the election in 2010?....who was trying to mobilise ppl to take over the govt?....slaa?..mbowe?...i don't know!
  3. Kichuguu

    Kichuguu Platinum Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    You better know now, that African leaders, including Kikwete, do not accept political defeat.

    If Slaa or Mbowe lost the election last year, no way they would have at this time acquired such enormous authority to mobilize people to the extent of causing fear among the government leaders who believe to be truly elected by the same people.
  4. n

    niweze JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    I don't see any where you mentioned J. Kikwete for what he did October 31, 2010. Well let me just get to my point, there are failed states every corners of Africa and if we find some what stable country still corruptions dig heavy hill. The truth is we don't have leaders in Africa and more important we don't work hard enough to nurture them. It's so incredible that a country like Tanzania or Kenya with almost 50millions, we can't find resilient and tough enough people to protect and lead their people?

    This article remind me how Obama first appeared in democratic convention several years back. Obama gave amazing speech and very powerful to the Americans audience. But the main point I am trying to make is this, people around democratic party saw this leadership seed in Obama and work so hard to nurture him. Later Obama ran for a senate seat in Illinois and won. Few years later Obama is a president of the United States. I really want people to see how much it takes to build someone then later building great leaders. We must acknowledge and accept that leaders can come from all walks of life - leading parties or opposition parties. The problem we have in Africa is we are stopping and blocking these platforms and venues for nurturing leaders and I specific blaming people like Kikwete. If we go back and see Kikwete's generation, we see people who were favored early ages and really they no nothing about leadership. Kikwete himself until today he doesn't have senses enough to know what it takes to transit Tanzanians to the next level. Most of ccm and Kikwete's generations are bunch of opportunists and job seekers that they just want to rip the wealth of Tanzanians and build first class citizenships.

    I have a lot of fear for ccm and Kikwete because they seem not listen and just proceed with what they want. What we see today is even more dangerous than we think, Kikwete and ccm are preparing their kids and families to take over to protect what they have stolen and damaged. This is ugliest as it get because we start seeing someone like January Makamba and Kikwete's son in the national pictures. These kids have blank-education with no brain, they will be brutal and ugly to the people because all they want is to continue enjoying free tax money.

    We as Tanzanians must digging in and fight to remove such people like Kikwete, Rostam, Lowassa, Pinda, Makinda and all mafisadi, otherwise the worse is just around the corner - "machafuko".

    For those people who never got the chance to see this day, just listen and go to work for you country​
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  5. U

    Uwezo Tunao JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    Hivi kati ya hizi CCM mbali mbali hivi sasa nchini, wewe ni wa kundi gani hasa hapa chini???

    1. CCM- Uadilifu (Wazee wenzake na Mwalimu Nyerere ambao ni watulivu, wakomavu na masikini wa kutupwa kwa kuipenda sana nchi na wenye moyo kuitetea Tanzania).

    2. CCM- Ufisadi ( Ni kundi dogo linalojiita Wanamtandao au kumbakumba wa kila dili / mchecheto wa kila senti irukayo hewani wenye utayari wa kuuza hata mtoto wake alimradi fedha ipatikane zaidi kufanyia kila aina ya uchafu unaoweza kufikiria; ni wale ambao mpaka hivi sasa wamepepetwana pembeni wasio na kitu na kubakia RA + EL).

    3. CCM-Unguja (Chama cha Wazanzibara kama Vuai wa Kondoa na Hussein Mwinyi wa Kisarawe Umatumbini).

    4. CCM-Yatima (Ni wale akina Sumaye, Kigoda, Mungai, banduka, Komanya, Ngulume, na wengine waliokua chini ya BWM).

    5. CCM-Bongo Flava (Rizi1, Februari Ma-Ropes, Ndungai, Malisa, Nchimbi, ... hawa hawana hela ila kamsimamo wa uongo na kweli)

    6. CCM-Mwandosya / Mangula (Kanda ya Juu Kusini)

    7. CCM- Six/John Liquor Ma-Padlocks (Kanda ya Ziwa)

    8. CCM- Two Coins Mramba / Mrema / Mbatia (moshi Vijijini)

    9. CCM-Uislamu (Pwani/ Tanga / Mashariki na Pemba)

    Sasa hapa mtu unapoongelea CCM ni sharti uwe makini sana sana na ijulikane kwamba unazungumzia CCM ipi hasa.