Answer the following questions that relate to Escrow


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Feb 28, 2013
Quiz (5 marks)
1. Define escrow, and
clearly differentiate
and compare it with

2. Basing on your
experience as
Tanzanian, do you
think they will bring
back our money?

3. Critically and with
logical arguments
examine the
relationship between
Escrow scandal and
tezi treatment.

4. With vivid
examples, illustrate
how politicians are
responsible for this scandal ------.

5. Do you think what
will be the next
scandal after this
one?, explain basing
on your experience
with Tanzania. —


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Dec 2, 2010
q1. comparison.

- The money does not belong the government "jk"
- Masterminded by the same MAN
- No one will be punished
- Money will never returned

- money kept in escrow AC and EPA was NJE AC
- EPA PM resigned while escrow refuse to..

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