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An interesting message to share with you.

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Kyakya, May 8, 2009.

  1. Kyakya

    Kyakya JF-Expert Member

    May 8, 2009
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    It is an interesting message to share with you.
    > Good day
    > HIV son of AIDS
    > This might be sad but is real!!!!
    > I have a place to stay in the human body; I sometimes
    > stay in a hotel called digestive juices, or a motel
    > called blood or brothel called feme e kgolo. But
    > mostly in a restaurant called sperm. Everybody knows
    > me.
    > Yebo yes! I am HIV, the son of AIDS and I was born in
    > one human body during unsafe sex but I multiplied like
    > a bull.
    > You may ask the rich, the poor, Blacks, Whites, males,
    > females, doctors, sangomas. They all know me very
    > well, as well as my young brothers STD's. I attack
    > hundreds of people all over the world every day.
    > Listen, I will take you one by one, especially those
    > who hate God our Savior (Jesus). I will take you to
    > decorate my grave.
    > You will die young.
    > Africa knows me, the whole world knows me. I am HIV,
    > son of AIDS I frequent Shebeens and bar lounges and I
    > respect no age. I hide between sexy legs and delicious
    > thighs and big buttocks.
    > Some call me Sephamola, Phamokate, Bioslim, Number 1,
    > Matsatsela, Z3,Manyonyoba, Thubalebotsane,umeme ngoma
    > and other silly names but I don't care because my name
    > is HIV, son of Aids and I have no friends.
    > I kill Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Teachers, Priests,
    > Professors, Ministers,Bishops, Street sweepers and I
    > have got no shame. I will drink your blood; suck your
    > juices, drain your fat until you are a living skeleton
    > and from there I will kick you to the grave. You men
    > fasten your trouser belts; you women don't loosen your
    > panties and G-Strings because I am watching you.
    > The only way you can beat me is to trust in Jesus whom
    > I hate so much. He is the only one who can defeat me.
    > Mothers hear me, Fathers hear me, Brothers hear me,
    > Sisters hear me, intellectuals hear me, Stupids hear
    > me, Retards hear me, Clevers hear me, and I am telling
    > you for the last time "My name is HIV and I have got
    > no friends"
    > After reading this you must know I am sitting next to
    > you and just one blunder I am going to consume you.
    > Who knows, I may already be in your blood system.
    > My name is HIV son of AIDS and I have no friends.
    > Tell your friends AND your lovers about me if you
    > care...
    > Its me,
    > HIV (AIDS firstborn)