Am tempted... at any cost and time vs by any means and siatuation


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Dec 29, 2013
On the first place I bet that it won't be that easy, am tough on those thing and stick to my decisions. I go father to bet by any means and situation I won't allow it neither let it flow....

Ahhhaaaa, it was like opening a water tap, the bucket was fulled with water and keeps on running the floor to the veranda, bedrooms, kitchen and everywhere around the house.

At a glance, the whole house was floating on water.

The Result, Kasie mie, am tempted, I found myself tempted....(Muembe wa Uani..... aka Backyard Mango Tree...)

Dont tell me that you love me cause I will not keep quiet, I will mammar in your ears that I love you more...

Have you been tempted....? How? when? by who?

Kasinde Platinums Matata.

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

Kuna taarifa umeiona humu JamiiForums na haifai kubaki mtandaoni?
Fanya hivi...

Umesahau Password au akaunti yako?

Unapata ugumu kuikumbuka akaunti yako? Unakwama kuanzisha akaunti?
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