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Am scared the fact that the labs and hubs are so into mobile development………

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by Greentech360, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Oct 2, 2012
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    Mobile technology is among the booming tech industries in Africa, most of the African tech startups they are highly based in mobile development especially apps development. The emphasis has been put and lot of effort has been subjected to the industry so that people could attain the desired outcome. The fund and support have been provided to the individuals and groups developing these applications and those who want to turn them into small scale app development industries have been supported.

    Recently I have been bit worried about the situation. On my perception I think the hubs and labs are spending too much time in mobile technologies and somehow forgetting about some other aspects of ICT in Africa. I don't know, I have been wondering if the reason is the major supporters of the tech Africa such as Google (android) and other important players are mobile based or really African tech enthusiast have too much interest in mobile development.

    Almost 75 percent of the African tech startups are mobile based you can prove it by simply looking for the startups which have been selected for Demo Africa Event 2012 and even before that you check on the article by the East African newspaper "on the best 20 startups of East Africa" most of them are mobile based. Am not a critic and am not here to criticize but on my perception this tendency seems to me that is suppressing other fields of technology to be practiced in Africa. I remember during the inauguration of the Kinu Hub someone talked about Robotics and everyone was like wow what is this guy talking about, Robotics? Africa? This was the expression on the people's faces when other technology far from mobile is being mentioned to them.

    If we talk facts the number of the graduates and tech enthusiasts who are practicing mobile development compared to the remaining share of other fields of technologies although mobile technologies plays important role but still more emphasis should put in other fields also. If we all go to apps development and marketing then definitely we will go back into square one limited resources and markets share for our products since all of us we are doing the same thing. We can't allow just because someone is funding us or helping us to do something then we should all base on his platform; developing on his platform, selling on his platform and even discourage other who try to be creative in other fields of technology.

    The innovation spaces should be for any kind of innovative idea it shouldn't be mobile based always. This bad perception is what running into most youth minds these days that's why some of them are even afraid of the hubs they think if you don't know mobile development then that is not your place.

    Even the tech events which have been prepared are mainly based in mobile development, I can't blame someone with his company for creating a competition for the good of his company but if the reason is to impact the community then instead of having only the app challenge put it a tech challenge that other kids with innovative ideas would have a chance to participate also.
    I know most of the kids who are doing graphics, animation, hacking, desktop software development and other aspects of ICT who would like to have an active community to nature their ideas and help them to reach their goals but if all of us we are injecting everything in something starting with "M" then who would see these kids dreams becoming a reality.
    There so many cool start ups which are not mobile based, cool online gaming start ups from Nigeria, online libraries, e- commerce sites, hacking blogs and so many other cool stuffs. Some African kids have been creating phone models and their good with their hand works. If we just invest in Mobile Technology and apps development only, then please forget about a PC mother board coming from African innovator in the future since it is not our field of concern.

    Jumanne Mtambalike