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Sep 12, 2022
“I am driving a black car, it’s not mine. I safely park it, then I go somewhere not far from there, to get some stuffs, I get back then find it stuck in the mud. I ask for some help, then several people show up to help me unstuck it, we succeed, then I park it again on the roadside, this time I leave looking for some water to get cleaned up, I was mudded.

I walk a long distance looking for water, but I don't know if I found it or not, I just find myself walking back to where I parked the car, I don't find it, I panic, thinking about what I should do if it is stolen, I get sick worried about the consequences, so I start searching to no avail until I reach a place with an old house, outside is another building that looks like a bathroom, but useless, I stand there contemplating, then I start hearing noises that sound like floods, yes I am right, so I decide to run to that useless bathroom, I don't want to run to the main house thinking the residents might consider me a thief, or just some bad guy.

With water knee-high, I see a black thing in it, as I am thinking what it is, I realize it's a crocodile and it has just spotted me, now it's rushing towards me, then in a flash I remember losing someone's car, so I decide to just remain standing thinking, it's better I die because I won't be able to handle the stress of losing someone's car because of my financial situation.

I let it eat me.”

Imagine the following;

Falling over a cliff.

How about running away from a pursuing beast? Say a lion.

Showing up at a party naked, and everyone else you know for real is there.

How about forgetting to study for your final exam?
Or taking a dump in public.

I personally hate brushing my teeth in public, I find it very embarrassing but I have never done that in any of my dreams.

I have been able to record several dreams, with the recent one on 5th December 2023, the first one is dated 6th August 2019.

We all dream whenever we fall asleep for approximately 2 hours per night, and that’s whether you remember it or not after you wake up.

Long story short, nobody can specifically tell you why we dream, but there is a bunch of speculations regardless.

One of the the branch of psychology that partly study dreams and the like phenomena is known as parapsychology, though in general psychology dreams have been discussed for instance in chapters about States of Consciousness and so on.

The best thing about dreams I would like to share with you (still speculations, but the ones I like) is their functions.

We keep our brains functioning properly because of dreams. They’re basically neural activities in our brains, and with that all cognitive functioning is partly enhanced by dreaming.

Some theories such as reverse-learning theory, show that dreams help us to forget. Don’t be surprised, some of what we dream about, overrides suppressed or repressed memories. This might as well reflect cleaning up unneeded memories from our mind, to refresh our brain for upcoming inputs.

Sometimes we interpret our external experiences by dreaming.

We also process various emotions, when we fall asleep that’s when sometimes, someone who is going through emotional issues when they hit the sack and dream, they wake up feeling better afterwards.

When you dream about falling from the highest point of Burj Khalifa, or defecating in public, or like what happened to me with the crocodile, is about how we get prepared to face our worst fears (facing our fears is another topic). That’s what dreams do to us sometimes.

Also our real life get reflected in dreams. My dream reflected most of what I was going through at the time. I was able to do that because I could decode some messages such as driving someone’s car, asking for some help to unstuck it, the mud, the floods, accepting the crocodile's attack, being scared of entering that house, and instead running to that useless bathroom and so on, all reflected my real situation. I can’t put it all here.

They also function to help us with creative thinking. Just think about how I was able to decode my dream, but not just the one I shared, I do that to most of my dreams.

In terms of memory, dreams help us retain helpful memory with the bad ones fading away.

I have mostly likened the spiritual world to the unconscious mind. A lot, according to Sigmund Freud, goes on there such as the existence of repressed and unconscious desires. All these enhance dreaming.

I tend to create situations to induce dreaming, with the first move always being spiritual. That’s right. (I might write about it someday – YES I MIGHT).

All the above is a tiny piece btw! There is so much more about dreams, just dig at your own risk.


Shilinde x+
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