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A call for duty and citizenship.

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Shayu, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Shayu

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    Sep 27, 2012
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    'As a Nation we never attempt any Great thing'' That is why we are not moving forward at the speed we want. If we want to change this Nation we can change it. It require our efforts, combined efforts to see the future we want to build for ourselves and for our coming generations. If we are diligent enough and if we are persistent enough and if we are one people, we can change this Nation and we can move forward. We can build a happy nation.

    The happiness of any nation comes from collective achievement of it's people. We have to set our goals as the nation and diligently participate to fulfill those goals. We need to be one people if we want to change this country. We must love our country if we want to move forward. We must build the spirit of the Nation and the thirst to develop. Ladies and gentlemen this country must move forward. People of united republic of Tanzania must move forward. Must bring respect and honor to his Land. We are not tiny people we are able. We can write a history. We have to decide. Our future is at our Hands. We decide who we want to be. This Nation is not born to be poor or of lack of respect. We have the power to bring change. THIS POWER IS AT OUR HANDS AND OUR HEARTS AND OUR MINDS .

    We have to change our minds and the way we think toward our Nation. For many generation we have been considered in Africa and in our country as the people who are not able to do anything great by Europeans. It is our time now to organize ourselves and diligently plan, organize and working together to bring change in our societies and our country as the whole. I do believe firmly in my heart this Nation can be a great country. This Nation can enjoy the power of being great.

    My fellow citizen. We have duty toward this country. All of us we have duty. The duty to see this country is developed. The duty to see this country is protected. The duty to see this country is growing strong and to see Citizen of this Nation love each other. Only if we love each other we can fight any outside enemies who comes against us and our well being. We are one people and our Fate is one. We must have courage and faith. We must not Lose hope for the future. We are not born to be dominated but to find our place on the earth.