4 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry A Pakistani Man (Warning)

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Oct 22, 2016

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry A Pakistani Man (Warning)​

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Marriage is not something to look down on. It's very serious and requires quite a lot of efforts to make it works. When two people fall for each other and decided to become one in a relationship called marriage, that's when they commit to live life together through thick and thin.

Here, commit means seriously dedicating one for another no matter what kind of situations and distractions that will pop out. By this, people should never marry someone recklessly. Even if love matters, there are few other factors that you should also reconsider seriously. Those factors might be number two compared to love, but still, they affect. This is why finding out how to find the man of your dreams and marry him in 6 months is nearly impossible or you can say extremely difficult to do.
When you marry someone, it’s said that beside two person, two families, different cultures and values intertwined as one. How beautiful is that to imagine. Well, despite of how amusing might that seems to you, we all know that even within beautiful roses there are thorns in between.
Maybe it's not something as bad as thorns, but we should know that there are things that will put you in a difficult situation when you marry a Pakistani man. Even if finding the signs of good husband material to marry in a man is important, taking a look over his backgrounds can't be forgotten as well. There are reasons why you should not marry a Pakistani man that could help you a lot in reconsidering before marriage unless you want to see these signs you'll regret marrying your partner.

Reasons not to Marry a Pakistani Man​

It's totally not your fault if you fall for someone and longing to live with him for the rest of your life. Love isn't something that you could plan for beforehand, just as how couple isn't someone who you could choose as you wish like you're in a boutique.
However, you're still fully in charge on deciding who you want to marry. In fact, it's a very important thing to keep in mind that you should choose your partner wisely for that equals to choosing your destiny. That's why considering is a must when it comes to choosing a life-time partner. Here are few reasons that will give you a brief chance to think twice before assuring yourself to marry a Pakistani man :
  1. Say bye to privacy
If you’re marrying a Pakistani man in Pakistan, then this is likely to happen to you in no time. Pakistani man, a bit alike with Indian man, are kinda attached to their family. This means you should prepare yourself beforehand, in case you’ll end up living in a house with his family.
Nope, it might not be his parents only, but also his brother and family, his sister and family, everyone in the same house altogether. Well, maybe not every woman think that it’s a very bad idea, but no matter what, it’s a fact that you might not be getting as much privacy as you would normally get. Family members meddling into your relationship with your husband? That’s nothing to be surprised about once you marry a Pakistani man.
  1. Physical strength needed

Marrying a Pakistani man and living with him or with family will leave you no choice but to do chores daily. Wishing that your husband will help you mopping the floor and let you take a rest after cooking for the whole family? You should stop hoping before you get even more disappointed, then.
For a Pakistani man, his duty is to work, get a lot of money and provide the financial needs in the family. However, doing house chores is definitely out of that list, so it’s all yours. This is also why doing house chores properly might be one of the wife material signs that he's likely to look for in a woman.
  1. In law affairs

Problems about mother in law that just couldn’t seem to get along with you might be something cliché. Such things happen not only to Pakistani man, but basically to everyone. This is a problem that usually rise up, especially if both the mother-in-law and the wife stay together under the same roof. You have to prepare your heart to listen to her rant, making you do what she usually does all the time, without giving you any options.
When you’re with your husband, she might not be able to approach and mess with you. But, once you’re alone in the house, you never know what kind of critique will come out of her mouth this time. This is one of the reasons why you should not marry a Pakistani man.
  1. Manner matters everyday
It’s good to be a woman with good manners, agree? However, having to stuck into such rules and regulations for the rest of your life might not be the best idea. If you’re marrying a Pakistani man and life with his family, then this would be a must for you. You can’t just act as you want, for it will ruin you later. You have to keep your calm and stay like a princess.
  1. Refrain from your male friends
Wish you could hang out with your male friends in the weekdays? You should just let that stay as a dream, a good one. Pakistani man will never let you go, even if it’s just for a simple talk. He’s scared, that you might have something with that guy.
That might seem sweet at times, but it’s not that pleasing, isn’t it? You’re just like his doll that only belongs to him, and you can only follow what he wants you to do.
Marrying someone means giving yourself to be theirs fully for your entire life. Don't take it as a jokes, absolutely. Think deeper, make sure you made the right choice so that you would never regret it one day. Taking care of culture differences is one of the problems that most couple would face, as it's also the reasons why you should not marry a Foreigner.
Although above you have known the reasons why you should not marry a Pakistani man, that doesn't mean it's really forbidden, though. If you really love him and think can't live without him, then you're also ready to accept him fully, then that's good to go.
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Mkuu mimi sio MTABIRI ila utapata wachangiaji wachache (LUGHA GONGANA).

Mwanamke Ukiwa na tabia njema, hivyo vyote ulivyoandika ni sawa na kumsukuma mlevi.


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