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  • hi, do you mind telling me why there is no access to my last post in jamii photos "Hapa Pinda nini tena? JIBU"
    Mkuu huku Jukwaa la Michezo na Burudani mbona sipaelewi saiv,
    Kama inawezekana ungerudisha ule muonekano kama wa zamani tu.
    Au ndio kwamba hamna post mpya? Binafsi hadi napata uvivu kutuma post mpya.
    Kama unaweza kurekebisha mkuu na naamini unaweza
    I get why the one at the ferry is your favorite; it looks so real but unbelievely so... i radher like most the one with the big cloud hanging over the peeking sun rays.. didn't even notice it is our Dar es salaam... spectacular..
    Punguza hasira wewe, thats why inakusumbua...lol.. looking forward to... JF modest photographer... labda uniambie the one i have seen sio wewe ulipiga...
    Eqlyps i had to go back to where you had given me the infor that you took em pics to make sure i remember right! I am impressed.. they are good and love most those two which shows the sun down.. the yellow... i have a weakness with pictures with that view (sun rising or sun down)... secondly i like the first one.. it reminds me of a certain scene in the Sherlock Holmes movie... All in all i love them all!

    Thank you for sharing them ...
    Thank you got your message plus the link, do i go all the way to the administration to be able to access? Cause when i select it gives me this message..

    Invalid Album specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator
    Hey visited your profile and guess what! You have not yet updated for was looking forward to them pics you promised... Please when you get time upload them..

    By the way I bliv you are well and good.
    Fell in love with a real heartbreaker and there's nothing I can do to shake her
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