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Worst New season Kits

Discussion in 'Sports' started by ngoshwe, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2010
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    Worst football kits of the new season

    The new football season is upon us, and it can only mean one thing: endless fashion disasters.
    Some clubs have updated their designs, others are sticking with last season's tried and tested ensembles.
    So with most of the new strips now revealed for the upcoming campaign, we take a look at the worst - or depending on your view, the best - 11 kits for 2010/11.
    2010/11 football strip diasters XI
    Everton away
    This shocking, shocking pink monstrosity is the shirt that inspired this article, and one which will go down in the all-time football kit horror hall of shame.
    So bad that it could well inspire the Toffees to be re-nicknamd the Bubble Gums.
    [​IMG]Liverpool home
    You can feel the shirt designers' pain: how to keep the traditional red while making the whole thing a bit more interesting?
    Their solution: give the thing a bizarre texture to make it look like your Gran's curtains.
    [​IMG]West Ham away
    A great-looking rehash of a Bobby Moore-era 1970s strip from the Hammers - utterly ruined by giant letters of the Asian betting firm that sponsors the club.

    [​IMG]Hibernian away
    Not so much a football strip as camouflage for frosty mornings in the east of Scotland. All it needs is a few flecks of brown to complete the mint choc-chip ice cream effect.
    [​IMG]Wolves away
    Plain black colour with orange trim makes it look like the sort of t-shirt you might pick up off the rail in a charity shop - and promptly put straight back down.
    [​IMG]Oxford United home
    Surprisingly tasteful blend of orange and dark blue - even if it does look more than a little bit like a school kit.
    [​IMG]Partick Thistle home
    No need for street lighting on matchdays around the Glasgow suburb of Maryhill: the Jags fans' replica shirts give off enough light to be seen from outer space.
    [​IMG]Plymouth Argyle
    Top marks for this one: a tasteful blend of greens lends the Pilgrims a relaxing and soothing feel, and grass stains will not be a problem. And who wouldn't want to wear a shirt bearing the name of a Cornish pasty manufacturer?
    [​IMG]Arsenal away
    Yellow with brown bits give the Gunners second strip a definite scatological theme, while pinstripes add a baseball-style look to the ensemble.
    [​IMG]Brighton and Hove away
    Half-finished stadium, half-finished kit design. It's almost like some sort of bizarre football kit x-ray mishap.
    [​IMG]Leeds away
    There's only one thing you need to know about this kit disaster: it is so bad that weeks before the season has even begun it has already been reduced at the Leeds online club shop.
    Think these are bad? Then feast your eyes on these beauties from yesteryear:

    Aston Villa
    Stripes, stripes and more stripes was Villa's late 80s theme with this one.
    [​IMG]Norwich City
    This early Nineties shocker was affectionately known by fans as the 'bird poo' kit - pretty apt considering the team are nicknamed the Canaries.
    [​IMG]Shrewsbury Town
    Another early Nineties horror, each shirt was unqiue as it was cut from a large roll of printed fabric.
    [​IMG]Hull City
    Treading that ever-thin line between genius and madness, we'll leave it up to you to decide where Hull's Nineties kit stands.
    [​IMG]Preston North End
    It's one thing being sponsored by a wallpaper manufacturer, but quite another to let them design your team strip, as PNE found out in the mid-1990s.

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