Who is Mwigulu Nchemba?


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Mar 8, 2023
Do you know Madelu Lameck Mwigulu Nchemba? I was touched and decided to write this article about the MP of Iramba Singida, the Minister of Finance and the father of the family of many people around him: I will describe Mwigulu in the way I know him with the following things:

One Mwigulu is a person with compassion and love, all these are seen in his life, he has an endless amount of helping people. Mwigulu does not help someone to go, but helps people to arrive, he helps you while you live in his same life, he does not discriminate, he will help you and make you a brother, he will not let you go! Mwigulu is a teacher, caregiver, healer for the sick, comfort for the elderly and widows, orphans, so don't say this is a refuge for many.

The Mwigulu that I know is a person who is committed to his legitimate nation, he is ready to bear the blame so that an important national thing can be successful, I read him who has a doctorate in Economics his true knowledge because he crossed the country at a time when the world is going through a great crisis of economic collapse. Moreover, Mwigulu is a person with a very patient heart, especially when he is attacked.

Mwigulu is a person of decisions, a great quality that every leader should have is not someone who wavers, he has a position and something that is important at that time for his nation, but mostly he is a person who is consulted, listens to people, I think he is the first minister in Tanzania to have the courage to listen petty opinions, people's challenges in front of the public while everyone says what they want.
Many of us witnessed this and he finished listening to people running to him and cheering for him. Even if you were growing up, you would be happy to have a leader like this Mwigulu Nchemba.

The biggest thing I like about Mwigulu Nchemba is that he has no grudge against anyone in the ministry he leads. He would use it as a stick for his enemies but he serves them all equally because he knows that as the finance minister he has no rival unlike some ministers who abuse their office.

Great and important for the country Mwigulu is very patriotic to his country very obedient to all the people he leads and very obedient to the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.
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