Who are the Mungiki?


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Mar 17, 2007
JF members, I have been reading and hearing a lot about the Mungiki....
Who are these guys? Where do they come from? Why are they banned?...
Mungiki is a religious sect primarily of the
The name means "A united people" or "multitude". The religion, which apparently originated in the late 1980s, is secretive and bears some similarity to.

Specifics of their origin and doctrines are unclear.
What is clear is that they favor a return to indigenous African traditions and all trappings of colonialism.
This includes rejection of Christianity and practicing forced female-genital-mutilation, female circumcision.

They have been newsworthy for associations with ethnic violence and anti-government resistance. More than 50 people died in 2002 in clashes involving the sect and owners of –taxi & matatus (private minibuses) in Nairobi alone. In February 2003, the sect was in the news following two days of clashes with Nairobi police which left at least two officers dead and 70 sect members in police custody
In Nairobi, Mungiki operates most extensively in Mathare the city's second largest slum, where extremes of poverty and crime are widespread. A recent inter-press-service
article vividly describes Mungiki operations in that slum as essentially constituting a "street gang" or a criminal network that contributes to, and feeds off, an environment plagued by a state of perpetual security crisis. Every resident of the slum pays a variable sum of money to the organization, in exchange for protection against theft and property damage. In addition, the gang "mans" public toilets, and charges a user fee for services rendered. These extortionate circumstances, along with the general lack of effective local law enforcement, have generally enraged residents of Mathare.
Mungiki sect leader is shot dead

The chairman of the Kenya National Youth Alliance - the political wing of the outlawed Mungiki sect - has been shot dead in his car.

It comes less than a fortnight after the wife of the sect's jailed leader was found beheaded, sparking riots in Nairobi and surrounding areas.

It is understood that Charles Ndungu was shot in his car as he headed to the lakeside resort town of Naivasha.

Human rights activists say he had reported he was being followed.

The Kenya National Youth Alliance brought parts of Nairobi to a standstill less than a fortnight ago.

At least 14 people died as they engaging in running battles with the police, who they had blamed for the recent murder of their jailed leader's wife - charges the police denied.

It was only after Kenya's new Prime Minister Raila Odinga agreed to meet the group and address their concerns, that threats of further disruption were withdrawn.

The Mungiki, mainly drawn from President Mwai Kibaki's Kikuyu ethnic group, run transport rackets in the capital and are likened to Kenya's version of the mafia.

Last year, more than 100 suspected sect members were killed in a police crackdown after a series of grisly beheadings blamed on the sect.

I was just wondering how they managed to survive for so long....or do they have political backup?
I was just wondering how they managed to survive for so long....or do they have political backup?

Roya Roy,

Hawa jamaa walianza kama utani vile.During the Moi era they
felt the Kikuyu's were being persecuted by the government of
the day na wakajiunga to counter Moi's aggression..Hata hivyo
with time this thing has metamorphosised into an amorphous
organisation and controlling them is next to

Kisha wakati wa hizi kura za juzi inasemekana watu kama kina
Uhuru Kenyatta na wengineo were funding their activities.
More like being a protective group for Kikuyus who were being kicked
out of their homes in the Rift Valley.That is the kind of political
support they enjoy.Kisha kuna tetesi kua baadhi ya
mikutano ilifanywa right inside Ikulu...sasa wewe niambie how do you
control such a group especially wanapoaanza kuuwa watu, kuwakata vichwa na kuwachuna ngozi.

Basically the Govt of Kenya has to reign in on these guys one
way or another ama kutaharibika!
Inashangaza kidogo, watu ambao ukisiliza juujuu they are just nobody. Ila wanakusanya kodi kwenye maeneo yao, wanaua watu.....na serikali ya Kenya inashindwa kudhibiti hilo.
These people they must be backed by some big shots in th Government. Inakuwa ngumu kuingia akilini a country with all army forces and other security agents kushindwa kuthibiti just a group of wakora wanaosumbua watu ndani ya nchi huru. It's really crazy nadhani Kibaki and Odinga you must do something seriously to get rid of thiese people otherwise the country status' will be ruined soon or later..
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