What The Shape Of Your Nails Reveals About Your Personality

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Oct 22, 2016

What The Shape Of Your Nails Reveals About Your Personality​

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As a former nail-biter, I’m highly aware of people’s fingernails.

Are they manicured or plain, nicely trimmed or vicious-looking? I’ve had manicurists call me out for being a nail-biter which I find strange. Shouldn’t they be congratulating me for breaking that nasty habit, rather than scolding me for something that happened in the past?
I don’t wear polish all the time, but I notice the colours other people wear. I really enjoyed that trend where women wore a different colour polish on every nail, or when men wear colour on just one nail.
It’s amazing how much nails can tell you about a person.
Even though your fingernails may take on all different kinds of shapes and sizes, there are certain constants about your nails that reveal much about your personality and your behaviour.

This way of learning about personality types by looking at nail shapes was developed in Japan.
Find your nail shape on this chart

Here is what the shape of your nails reveals about your personality:
1. If your nails are vertically long: you’re a creative genius type
You’re very creative, have a vivid imagination, and are constantly dreaming up new projects and new ways to express yourself. You love people, sometimes to excess; you love to love. Unfortunately, you’re a bit innocent and are quick to trust, and people take advantage of your openness of heart.
2. If your nails are short and wide-shaped:: you’re a brilliant truth-teller you’re super brainy and have no problems talking about high concepts and theories in straightforward and clear-cut ways. The problem is that you have a tendency to get irritated and annoyed when people aren’t at your level. You’re always honest, even if it hurts someone. Try to practice patience, kindness, and self-restraint. Remember, if you tell someone information that they need to hear in a condescending manner, they’ll stop listening to you.

3. If you have rounded egg-shaped nails: :you’re a super-chill, laid-back pacifist
Your mantra is, “It’s all good.” You do everything at your own pace and in your own way. You definitely aren’t one to follow the crowd. You’re bright, make thoughtful decisions, and are very good in social situations. People like you, and if there’s an argument they go to you for help. Sometimes you might be a little too popular and a little too giving, so make sure you hold something back for yourself.

4. If you have square-shaped nails: :you’re a natural leader
Failure isn’t an option for you. You’ve got the guts and perseverance to go the distance. You have a very serious attitude, and when you say you’ll do a task you don’t mess around. You also can be hardheaded and inflexible. Not surprisingly, many men have square-shaped nails. Remember, it’s OK at times to ease up on being a hard*ss and just have fun.
5. If you have triangular or inverted triangle nails … you’re an intuitive business person
Nothing gets by you! You have an incredible gift for attention to detail, which makes both your business associates and your significant others happy. You’re always coming up with new ideas and innovations, and you get so excited about them that some people may think you’re too aggressive or a perfectionist. You don’t have to be quite so pushy with every new idea, as it puts people off. And besides, it’s exhausting.
6. If you have almond-shaped nails … you’re everybody’s best friend
You have all the qualities that everybody wants in a friend: you’re honest, friendly, faithful, kind, strong, honest, and have excellent manners. You have a very strong sense of fairness and a low tolerance for injustice. If you let your outrage escalate, you’ll snap, so take a step back and a deep breath, and wait to continue the confrontation when you have a clear head.
7. If you have sword-shaped nails … you’re a driven achiever
Once you have a goal, you’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. You’re a hard worker, ambitious, and have a “Yes I can” attitude. You inspire others, and people want to grow up to be you. The problem is that if other people aren’t at your level work-wise, you’ll just do it yourself.
You actually can’t be described as a team player, and you get impatient when people don’t perform tasks quickly enough for you. If you work on your team skills, you’ll really be unstoppable.
If you don’t like the personality traits that go with the shape of your nails, you could always change your attitude — or your manicure.
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