What is the Job Description of a Minister?


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Sep 30, 2009
Is there a job description of a government minister in Tanzania? Is a minister a political figure, a technocrat, an administrator or just a figure head (symbolic position)? Is it necessary for a minister to be an expert in the field or not? If he/she is an expert in the specific field, what is the need to have deputies such as deputy ministers, directors, commissioners etc? If he/she is not an expert in the specific field, how well versed must he/she be in the area so that he/she can be able to use the experts in the field? I am asking this because in the past we had Prof Sarungi, a surgeon, transfered from Ministry of Health to Ministry of Defence. If a Minister does not need to be an expert in his/her field, that may be okay. But how much does a professional surgeon rely on his deputies in his everyday work as a Minister of Defence. On the other hand, if the Minister must be an expert in his/her field, how on earth can a professional surgeon head the Ministry of Defence. I have not really had time to go through the current cabinet so this maybe does not reflect the new cabinet, but it is something that I have been thinking about and maybe some jf members can help shed some light.
Where in the world have you found a job description for a minister? Don't waste our time with your juvinile propositions.
Part of of the solution to your question (or may be additional confusion to you) is to not restrict the question to a minister but also to ask the same questions for the case of the President.
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