Election 2010 We can't wait: Time for change is Now


Nov 1, 2010


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The time is now.
this is the time to make the better Tanzania for the coming generation.
They greedy, the want to have everything. they will never be satisfied.
Kiwete is like a devil who wants to controll and rule the world.

Leave that aside, let me go to the point.
We have been very loyal to the mafisadi and they want to take our loyality as an advantage to do whatever they can. this is unfair; Most of Tanzanians are loyal.. yes i admit. but this what CCM and NEC + Usalaama wa Taifa are doing now cant be accepted atall. this is the wind of change. just agree with Tanzanians. so long you declare yourself that Tanzania is a democratic country then let democracy stand alone. no matter what happens Kikwete must be sure that he is the one who turns the country to the worst.
you will be the source of chaos in the country and you must be held responsible.
we need peace as we used to. CCM; NEC and those who are involved in stealing the votes what to destroy our history.
KIkwete, you will never live in Peace in case you are the source of these chaos.
Mungu Ibariki Tanzania, Mungu Ibariki Africa
jah Bless

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