Warwanda, Watz na huduma feki za ATM


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Feb 6, 2008
6 August 2008
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John Gahamanyi

Simtel, Rwanda's National Inter-bank network for electronic payment system, will this month sign a service level agreement (SLA) with commercial banks, formally defining their services and responsibilities to Automated Teller Machine (ATM) users.

ATM usage in Rwanda was introduced in 2004 but since then clients have complained about the high level of unreliability of these machines.

Laurence, who would not reveal his last name, is a client of Commercial Bank of Rwanda (BCR). He said he tried to withdraw his money from the ATM located at Fina Bank's Kisementi branch last week.

When he slotted the card and commanded the machine to draw money from his account through the normal process, the machine gave a response indicating that it was not able to complete the transaction.

Laurence who needed money to clear his monthly rent bills decided to withdraw the money by cheque, but the bank teller told him he had withdrawn all the money. He lost Frw300,000.

"It is frustrating because I did not get the money from the ATM yet my account was debited," he said.

Others have faced challenges of inadequate distribution of the ATMs.

"ATMs don't provide guarantee to access one's account as and when he needs to," said Dan Kalisa, a client with Fina Bank from Kacyiru.

He said that sometimes there is a network breakdown which makes it difficult for the machines to operate efficiently, but it is difficult for the clients to blame commercial banks either Simtel.

Source: The New Times (Rwanda)

Angalieni wenzetu wanavyohangaika na ATM. wapo jahazi moja na huduma za ATM kwa hapa Bongo, lakini wenzetu angalau wamechukua hatua, sisi hapa watu wanalizwa lakini hakuna kinachotokea, ukilalamika unalazimishwa kuambiwa malalamiko hayo siyo kweli.
Tufanyeje Tuvamie Bank???au Tuandamane??????

We need independent Financial Authority, BOT cant regulate everything .On My view BOT is supossed to do just Internal Control of The Bank and the rest of the regulatory framework should be underlyied and supervised by an Independent Financial Authority to ensure the starndard are High
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