Uganda's IGG to seize property of 3 leaders



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Nov 22, 2007


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By Joyce Namutebi

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has announced it will confiscate the property of three leaders whose wealth was found not to match their income.

“Verification of leaders’ declaration of incomes, assets and liabilities, and investigations of allegations of the breach of the code continued,” said the IGG’s 2009 report, submitted to Parliament yesterday.

“The properties of three leaders were found not to be commensurate with their incomes and liabilities. The process of forfeiture is to commence.”

Acting IGG Raphael Baku named one of the three officials as Nestor Gasasira, the principal accountant at the Ministry of Health. Gasasira, who has been interdicted, has challenged the IGG report and recommendations.

The report valued his residential houses, flats and plots and found them to be in excess of his income to the tune of sh1.2b.

Baku, however, did not disclose the identity of the other two leaders in Parliament, saying he had “forgotten their names”.

In another case, the report says, the accused chose to pay compensation instead of having his assets confiscated.

“The total money recovered was sh300m which was paid on the IGG Asset Recovery Account.” Again, the name of the leader was not mentioned.

Under the 2002 Leadership Code, leaders have to declare their incomes and assets and explain how they acquired them in a bid to promote transparency and accountability.

About 90% of the over 19,000 leaders submitted their declarations in the first half of last year. Of those, the report says, about 6,500 were examined.

That leaves over 1,700 leaders who did not comply with the leadership code but their names were not revealed. The report also gives details of gifts declared by only three leaders. The Leadership Code requires that any gifts above sh100,000 be declared.

The commander of the land forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala, declared having received a pistol from an export company in Karachi, Pakistan.

The other two who declared gifts were URA boss Allen Kagina and former IGG Faith Mwondha.

Kagina said she received a digital photo frame from the Chinese ambassador to Uganda and a handset from UTL, while Mwondha reported sh120,000 in honorarium and $100 in facilitation for two conferences.

The report further says the IGG received 739 complaints against public officials between January and June 2009.


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