To forge forward chadema should have a unity of purpose and speak in one voice.


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Oct 24, 2010
In Julius Ceasar's novel, William Shakespear said that; "there is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at flood, leads to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life, is bound in shallows, and in miseries." On such a full sea chadema is now afloat, and it must take the current when it serves or lose its venture. But in order to do that, that party must have a unity of purpose and should speak with one voice. Currently, that doesnot seem to be the case, because it has within its ranks people who are selfseekers. Such people are no team player, there are prepared to sow disharmony within the team, if that can serve their ultirior motives. Hence if chadema wants to forge ahead, the sooner it gets rid of those people the better. As it's said in religious scriptures, a house divided among itself it cannot stand. So is chadema; take for instance yesterday's call by Zitto, for a national dialoque, on the so called religious disharmony. What mandate did he have to bring up that issue, which I am sure ccm want to use to disrupt chadema's campaign for the new costitution and independent electrol commission. Again, his comment over TBC that chadema MP's walk-out was not unanimous, is to say the least absurd;for in a functioning democracy it's normal for people to have different views, but when a decision is reached on the basis of majority vote, those who obliged to respect that decision. To do otherwise is a sign of immatulity.

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