Tips to choose a the right hosting partner for your Public/Private Cloud servers


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Aug 30, 2014
There are a number of cloud service providers, and cloud server hosting companies whose advertisements and mailers will lure you to avail their services. However following very few basic aspects will ensure that you select the right service and partner with the hosting provider rather than just using their services. Because establishing a relationship always becomes possible only through partnerships.

As cited above following few simple tips given below will help you find the right hosting partner for your public/private cloud servers and dedicated virtual servers;

1. Avoid the low price/discount traps: - Customers who are not technically well informed always get lured to lowest prices available in the market. Hosting providers tend to lower their technical configurations in terms of memory (RAM), Hard Disk capacity and bandwidth limits to offer the lowest prices. Chasing the lowest prices in the market forces the customers to end up signing up for the service that requires expensive upgrades. The hosting providers eventually meet their margins ignoring your appropriate needs.

2. Avoid “Old wine in new bottle” selling concepts: - Most hosting providers adopt this technique by blending in technical jargons and semantics in projecting the features of their solutions. These features however would be available in the services you order by default.

3. Ensure you get Support and minimum service levels offered: - Hosting providers tend to push back the help when customers require them the most by extending exhaustive support literature and media. Ask for support level types, timings and medium of support available. This is where most of the hosting providers lag behind with many even having a response delay of more than 24 hours and support available only with limited number of emails.

4. Ensure that you get proper resources for managing the hosting services you have availed: - Many hosting providers charge heavily to use applications that will help you manage your private and public cloud servers.

5. Ensure basic security and advanced security options and backup solutions are offered: - Hosting providers work on margins and try to minimize cost. Firewall configurations often require manual intervention, so as to reduce the personnel costs they compromise security of the customer data.

6. Ensure that legal versions of licenses for OS and applications are offered:- Few hosting providers are always making to make a quick buck by offering customers cracked versions, eventually increasing the legal risk for customers.

Thus, an informed decision making by following the above aspects will help you choose the right hosting PARTNER for your hosting needs.

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