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these are the best degrees for the next decade

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Mujumba, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Degrees for the Next Decade
    Degrees for the Next Decade
    Best Degrees for the Next Decade
    Degrees for the Next Decade
    Find out which four degrees hold the most potential in the next decade.
    By Chris Kyle
    A lot can change in ten years. One career can explode in popularity while another hot job can go cold.
    Your degree, however, lasts forever, which is all the more reason to earn the right one.
    Yahoo! Education pored over employment projections through 2020 to determine what graduates with different degrees and educational backgrounds can expect from the job market over the next decade.

    #1 - Health Care Degrees
    Love it or hate it, health care reform is creating many new, exciting jobs in what is already the fastest growing sector of our economy. Factor in the aging population and demand for health care graduates has never been higher.
    Top Degree Picks:
    Medical Assistant
    Medical Technician

    "We're moving not only toward a white-collar economy, but toward a white-coat economy," Derek Thompson wrote in "America 2020: Healthcare Nation", .
    With hospitals looking to control costs, most of the white coats will be worn by people who assist doctors and not the doctors themselves. This means many new jobs for nurses, medical assistants, and medical technicians.
    As Thompson points out that health care jobs are expected to grow almost twice as fast as any other industry, with health care boasting three of the top five fastest growing jobs in the world.

    #2 - Business Degrees
    New technology has forever changed the way people live their lives - and how companies do business. It seems the only constant in the business world is change. Today's business school students will help define the way business gets done in the next decade - and beyo
    Top Degree Picks:
    Business Administration

    #3 - Education Degrees

    According to the Department of Labor, educational services is the second largest industry in the U.S. In fact, in 2008 there were about 13.5 million jobs in this industry. Population growth will fuel demand for jobs in this field through 2018.
    Top Degree Picks:
    Curriculum & Instruction
    Education Leadership
    Special Education
    Teaching Certification

    Education administrator might sound like an unlikely career to get showcased in a 2010 Kiplinger column about careers for the next decade, but the numbers back it up. After all, a rapidly growing population means more students, and that means more jobs for educators.

    #4 - Technology Degrees

    Those with technology-related degrees, like network administration, will benefit from their grasp of cutting-edge technologies that will fuel future advances in all sectors of the economy.
    From tech hot spots like Silicon Valley and Seattle to regional centers of innovation in Texas, North Carolina, and around the country...companies will be looking for qualified technology professionals to develop new technology products and to service the computers and networks up and running now.
    Top Degree Picks:
    Information Technology and Systems
    Network Administration
    Programming and Applications
    Technology Support

    According to the Georgetown report, computer specialists alone stand to see a gain of 700,000 new jobs over the next eight years.
    Source: Yahoo! education.c
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