The educational value of tourism


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Apr 7, 2020
The new fodder for the tourism industry is education and related activities, for it fosters the feeling of love, understanding and goodwill. The role of tourism in education is highlighted by the slogan that tourism is actually education without schools. It generates international emotional integration. Tourism has proved to be a unique vehicle for the cultural propagation which is necessary for a deeper understanding between people of different parts of the world and their ways of life. Tourism always stands for enhancing communication and understanding between different civilizations. Both the visitor and the host culture benefits much.

Tourism has always been an important medium for broadening the horizon of human knowledge. From the very early times, the urge for travel has been inspired by the curiosity to know about the social institutions and cultural traditions of the people. Even today, we can witness large masses of people traveling to foreign countries to become acquainted with their usage and customs, to visit museums and to admire works of art. Wrong notions about the values, culture, religions and way of life of people are dispelled by doing things all by oneself. Reaching out towards other people and taking steps to understand their way of life is a bold step to learn more about a new country and its people. Observing and talking to people is another way of understanding things.

When considering the scores of education fairs in Kerala India travel mart and other tourism exhibitions always gave links to the developments in the education sector in Kerala. Thus, in recent times the prominent educational institutions have started attracting scores of students from overseas destinations.

The rise in the number of international schools is a pointer to the demand for such world class education amenities from overseas destinations. The Trivandrum International School and other such educational institutions are much sought after in spite of the high monthly fees charged in such institutions.
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