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Kwa mujibu wa The Standard Online | Nov 05 2007

Raila best for war on graft, says poll

By Lucianne Limo

Kenyans believe ODM presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga, is best placed to fight corruption.

A survey released on Tuesday indicates that 50 per cent of those polled believe Raila would adequately spearhead the fight against corruption.

Thirty-three per cent said President Kibaki was committed to fight the vice, while 17 per cent felt that ODM-Kenya presidential candidate, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, was up to the task.

Age played a crucial role in determining the presidential candidate best placed to fight corruption.

Most Kenyans between 18 and 54 years felt that Raila was most committed, while those 55 years and above had confidence in Kibaki.

Raila got most support from Western, Coast, Nyanza, Nairobi, Rift Valley, Eastern and North Eastern provinces, while Kibaki received support from Central Province.

Asked how long they would give the next Government to deal with corruption, the 2,400 respondents said the ‘honeymoon’ would be short.

The majority (45 per cent) gave the new Government up to six months to implement tough measures against past corruption.

According to the survey commissioned by an anti-corruption agency — the Africa Centre for Open Governance — there is perception that a clique of individuals is untouchable.

A majority (77 per cent) believes that there are sacred cows, citing the practice of the accused or suspects to seeking protection from their communities in the guise that their "tribes were being finished".

Nearly all those polled — 93 per cent — would not vote for a candidate perceived to be corrupt.

Only a paltry seven per cent said they would.

Interestingly, while 51 per cent said they would not accept a gift or bribe from a candidate, an almost equal number — 49 per cent — admitted they would succumb to the lure.

However, 80 per cent said the bribe would not influence the way they vote, while 20 per cent said it would determine whom they vote for.

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