Quick Tips on choosing between public, private cloud servers and dedicated servers from Datasoft


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Aug 30, 2014
Customers often get confused between the right types of server solutions that need to be chosen for meeting their server needs. Other than the budget or price considerations customers may choose the right solution by taking a look at few simple differentiators given below;

> Dedicated Servers provide dedicated resources but limited management capabilities.
>> Choose Dedicated Servers for applications like Databases and VOIP Services.

> Public Cloud Servers provides shared resources with more management capabilities.
>> Choose Public Cloud for light applications like Websites, Forums, and File Servers.

> Private Cloud Server Suite has flexible management to create/manage multiple cloud servers.
>> Choose Private Cloud if you need Four servers for Different Purposes.

Public and private cloud offered by www.datasoft.ws , allows its customers to configure individual firewalls to these servers and helps to make them more secure.
Our Public cloud offerings begin from a price range of $10/month*, whereas Private cloud servers are available from $39/month*, and our Dedicated server offerings begin from as low as $29/ month.

5 Days Free Trial on all Dedicated and Cloud Servers
We are extending the 5 Days Free Trial** on all Dedicated and Cloud Servers for few more days for all new or existing customers.
Test Servers before you pay. You have 5 days to test Servers. If you are not satisfied no need to pay. No questions asked.
Order it today at www.datasoft.ws

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