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Jan 6, 2010


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Are you fascinated by the web and want to get a glimpse of the tricks of web development?
Do you want to learn web development and start building your own website for your own business?
Do you want to employ yourself and earn additional revenue by taking up web development jobs
Are you a web developer who feels that you need to add more skills and tricks to produce unique works

If your answer is yes for any of the above then look no further.

Get in touch today and I will share with you some tricks and skills to boost your web development skills.

About the program:
  1. The program will be private or with a class size of MAX 3 students.
  2. The program will be based on PHP,HTML,CSS and some JAVA code but we will not deal with CORE coding but templates customization
  3. The Program will be WordPress based
  4. The program duration is 2 week for continuous or 1 month for bi weekly project
What you will get:
  • A Free reseller account to enable you sell digital products ie domain and hosting
  • A Free 6 month support to help you setup your business/website
For ore information PM or call +255717512851

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