Pastor Makala


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Feb 11, 2007
Nimeichukua hii kwa michu, I don't know what he is talking about when he referred to "our leaders efforts" Does he know anything about various scandals in our beloved country including Mkapa's scandal, Richmond's scandal, EPA's scandal, Mikataba ya madini scandals etc? Shame on you pastor for being a narrow minded pastor who knows nothing about what is going on in Tanzania.

salamu toka USA

Bro. Michuzi

I hope you post my comments on your honourable blog.

I am a Tanzanian Pastor on a short visit to USA.

The reason I am Writting is to encourage my fellow Tanzanians to show appreciation for our leaders efforts as they seek to bring true economic reformation to our country..

In my view President Bush's visit with his entourage is the best thing that ever happened to Tanzania and It should make eveyone of us very proud!

Most of us have prayed relentlessly for sound leadership for our country and to see this dramatic shift in our lifetime is nothing short of a miracle!

Shame on all narrowminded people who oppose such a fantastic opportunity!

Long live Kikwete, Long live Tanzania and to God be the Glory!

Pastor George Makala,
Bradenton, Fl 34212
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