Oscar Kambona Na Raila Odinga: Beyond Neo-colonialism


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Nov 7, 2006
1. Huyu Raila tunaweza kumlinganisha na Mwanasiasa gani Tz? Mrema alikuwa mashuhuri- then after loosing 95 he lost completely politically!

2. If Raila wins- this will be the 1st history in African politics- a sitting president in EA given only one term- but I doubt if he will win as most Kenyans I have spoken to seem to support the idea that- Kibaki be given a 2nd Term!

3. Naona kama Kenyan Politics as more sophiscated than Tanzanian. In Tz CCM has more democracy within than other parties- since 1990s other parties (except CHADEMA) we hear of only Mrema, Lipumba, Seif, Mapesa.

4. We wait and see- if Raila is elected, other EA countries will learn a lot from Kenyan politics!

I read your contribution above with interest and smiles as well. Although my age and experience in journalistic politics do not allow me to say so, poteleambali nitaisema tu: hao "waKenya wengi" ambao umewahoji na wanasapot Kibaki's second term are likely to be from one wellknown region of Kenya which is behind the President 99%. Lets be objective, much as I am campaigning for Raila in broad daylight, i do so acceptingthat 9 successive opinion fortnightly polls reveal that Raila is leading in terms of kura ya maoni. At least lets reason that the nine polls sampled randomly and can therefore not all be a mistake when they conclude that majority fo Kenyans are for Raila.

The President cooked his own political blunders with his kitchen cabinet. The meal is ready and let them not shy from tasting its bitter taste: ie humiliating and historic defeat in the forthcoming polls.

Imagine he will hand over power to Raila and then sit in Parliament as a backbench opposition MP for Othaya which is likely to give him another term as their MP. How excited must the Political science and professors be at the prospect of this unprecedented yet imminent situation!

Kibaki and wambea wake wakule retire tu polepole. This is a Raila moment and I have taken more than a year to accept this fact having put my year close to the ground in Western Kenya where I hail from. In villages, in beermeetings and even at football matches all over my village and beyond, the peasants have accepted the Raila presidency already just as they accepted the demise of KANU. Coming from a region whose leaders are at crossroads with this truth for they have chosen to support Kibaki up to the bitter end, I only wish them bravery as they taste that bitterness for the next 5 years as Opposition MPs.

The sly political eye will recognize that this is not a personality politics election common in Kenya, but a historic locking of horns of two lines of political thoughts in Kenya's post-colonial history. On the one hand we have, Kenyattaism (with Moi and Kibaki and Kenyatta jnr as its successive proponents. It is based on status quo of a booming economy controlled by the petty bourgeoisie of a particular infamous community. On the other hand we have Odingaism (with Odinga Snr , the late JM Kariuki and the Late Pio Pinto both who were assasinated in the era of Kenyatta). Currently it has been revised and repackaged until Kenyans have accepted its high priest, Odinga jnr as the voice of neo-odingaism, a political thought that places emphasis on the masses of Kenyan peasants in a trans-ethnic and inter-regional manner.

By voting in Raila the Kenyan nation would essentially be saying that out goes Kenyatta and his legacy and in (posthumuosly through his own annointed son) enters Odinga the Senior and the Kenya he dreamt off but never saw in his long life as the Doyen of opposition politics in Kenya.

Tanzanians need not worry. Oscar Kambona may not have made it to achieve his political ideals however time will come when another acceptable leader expounding a revised and popular Kambonaist line of political thought will oust CCM in aheated election contest and bring a completely different vision of the Tanzanian Dream.

Let diversity in all its forms prevail. Be it of the racial, cultural, linguistic, economic, religious and even political type.

Ahem, Raila, ODM, Bomas Draft tukisonga mbele.
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