ODM press statement on security and the state of the nation

Dr. Job

JF-Expert Member
Jan 22, 2013

Monday Dec 1st 2014

The Orange Democratic Movement ( ODM ) organised this meeting at the party headquarters with the aim of having members of the party proposed for the various positions in the national office meet and get to know each other ahead of the National Governing Council meeting scheduled for this Friday 5th December 2014.

The meeting which was chaired by the party leader Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga saw party members resolve to work together as a family and shelve their earlier differences with a view of building a united front ahead of the next general election.

The Okoa Kenya team also briefed the group on the status of our referendum push, particularly where we are with the referendum bill.

During the meeting, we also took stock of the State of the nation and resolved as follows:

CONVINCED that the security situation in Kenya now poses an existential threat to the Kenyan Nation State, we join Kenyan civil society in calling for the President to exercise leadership in this crucial area before it is too late.

Already, the National Government has lost effective control over half this country’s geographical land mass. Kenyans are killed seemingly at will and even the security services are not spared.

From Westagate and Eastleigh in Nairobi to Mpeketoni and Lamu to Kapedo and Mombasa.

The story is the same in Tana River, Garissa, Isiolo, Baringo, Bungoma, Samburu, Turkana and Mandera. Across the land, Kenyans have nowhere to hide from attackers. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. We call on the President to take his duties as Head of State seriously. Never before have we Kenyans had the Presidency subjected to the abuse it has endured especially since the saddening murder of 28 innocent Kenyans in Mandera two weeks ago.

The Presidency is bigger than any man or woman. It is an Office that carries the respect, aspirations and spirit of the Kenyan people. If Mr. Kenyatta has found the job too difficult or if he has lost taste for it, then Kenyatta must step down!

REMINDING the government of the offer we made as Opposition to enter into dialogue in regard to these issues several months ago, we express our disappointment in the strongest possible terms that the Jubilee regime continues to handle matters of national security in a manner that is disjointed, cavalier, haphazard and with little apparent consideration for the lives and property of the Kenyan people. This has created a climate of fear and despondency that is spreading. National Security cannot be reduced to photo opportunities, spin and sound bites. It is much more serious than that.

In this regard, we particularly call for the shutting down of the State House-based Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU). This PSCU with its sometimes infantile, ill-informed, unprofessional attempts to speak for the Presidency has served only to anger, confuse, divide and become the laughing stock of Kenyans.

Kenyans have no reason to continue funding what is clearly a party propaganda unit that thrives on misinformation and is determined to continue the unending partisan campaign using tax payers’ money. The country cannot be run on the basis of perpetual spin and photo opportunities. Elections are long over. Kenyans want action and substance.

We also take note of the continuing revelations in the UK regarding the conduct of IEBC officials.It is not the first time the integrity of the IEBC is being put to question.The legitimacy of the IEBC has never been this low. The trust in the body has never been lower. The competence and impartiality of the IEBC has never been this questioned.

Once again, we call on the relevant authorities to arrest and prosecute all those mentioned in the “chicken scandal” emerging in the UK.

There can be no justification for the tax payers to continue paying a group that has been fingered for every imaginable crime an election body can be accused of while it gets increasingly clear that the team as currently constituted cannot be trusted with another election.

DETERMINED that we shall not merely sit by and watch as this situation worsens, we join civil society and call on the government and in particular the President to exercise his constitutionally mandated responsibilities and leadership of this country.

Only this can return a measure of faith in the government’s determination to protect its people regardless of race, creed, ethnicity or colour.

In particular we call on all leaders to remain vigilant against efforts to divide the people of this great country along religious lines – Muslim versus Christian. It is not in our tradition as Kenyans and we are proud of our spirit of tolerance. We stand ready to defend this special spirit.

CONVINCED that the current condition of insecurity is linked to the involvement of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in Somalia, we demand that the government provide Kenyans with an exit strategy from Somalia and further define what success looks like in that operation.

Thus far it has brought only misery to Kenyans, allowed the guzzling of billions of shillings and Kenyans have a right to know why and what the wider plan underway is.

CONVINCED that the intended merging of the Interior and Defense ministries as reported in the media is unconstitutional and unwise, we oppose this move in the strongest possible terms. We instead call on the Chief of General Staff General Joseph Karangi to equally take responsibility for the failure of the military to protect Kenyans from external attacks.

Mandera attacks, like that of Westgate and many others have been perpetrated by external forces. Yet general Karangi has seen no need to explain to Kenyans why he cannot step down and when our nation will be safe.

WE OPPOSE in the strongest terms the ongoing militarization of internal security in Kenya. The bizarre idea of merging the Interior and Defense ministries may be born of this same backward and unconstitutional thinking that must be resisted by all Kenyans of goodwill while we at the same time demand that the top brass of all our security units take responsibility.

WE HEREBY RESOLVE to join with likeminded parties and groups and embark on countywide meetings, rallies and other gatherings informed by a common altruistic purpose for Kenya to save Kenya from the leadership failure that we bearing witness to right now.

Orange Democratic Movement

Dr. Job

JF-Expert Member
Jan 22, 2013


DECEMBER 2, 2014:

Another senseless slaughter of our citizens has taken place in the northern part of our country…at least 37 people dead.
We are here to offer deep condolences to the families caught in this latest rage and wish speedy recovery to the injured.
We also join hands with the people of Mandera to call for peace and calm as we mourn our departed country men and women.

The insecurity currently engulfing the nation calls for a comprehensive reappraisal of our security apparatus in terms of its organization, authority structure, equipment and morale of personnel and coordination.

We have previously called for a proper and well-structured security system in county government with proper accountability to the governor's office.

We have reason to believe Kenyans are victims of State failure and indifference coupled with the effects of corruption within our security, political, intelligence and military leadership.

Once again, we demand from Jubilee administration a comprehensive strategy to defeat terrorists and secure the nation.
We need clear, actionable plan for counter-terrorism and a clear program for training, operations, border security, anti-corruption programs and targeting terrorist financing.

The country is crying for policies to tame extremism. What the government is pursuing across the country from Eastleigh to Mombasa has proved to be counter-productive.

The government must reignite reforms in the security and intelligence sectors. They have stalled because Jubilee is not interested in those reforms.

We are demanding a thorough top to bottom assessment of the threats we face, the personnel we have and what they mean for our ability to confront the dangers we face.

Yes we need to invest in equipment. But equipment in themselves count for nothing when competence is lacking, intelligence gathering is compromised by corruption and partisan considerations and morale is weak.

We are calling for more direct coordination of security matters with county and more local administrations.

We demand a security system informed by an intelligence force that is professional and competitive and non-partisan.
We need openness. There is need for consultations to enable us build a security and intelligence system that is able to keep pace with highly adaptable enemies.

We need technologies and practices that enable us to efficiently collect and share information within and across our intelligence agencies.

Consultations will ensure we invest in human intelligence that keeps information on trends and suspicious movements flowing.

This can only happen in an environment that is free of corruption and the know it all attitude that is on display and which is exposing our people to grim danger daily.

Kenyans deserve better, much better than this.

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