Mosquito Magnet Mayhem: 4 Reasons Some People Get Bitten More


Oct 16, 2022
It’s a fact that most people in the same room get more bitten from mosquitos than others. It is indeed an interesting fact and it exists, mosquitos tend to prefer some people than others due to various reasons and here I will share the four most proven reasons by researches

-Blood type: Certain mosquito species have a predilection for blood types O and AB, based on studies that have been conducted. In addition, A large percentage of the population emits a chemical signal that indicates their blood type, and this signal can be detected by mosquitoes making the more vulnerable to bites regardless of blood type.

-Carbon Dioxide: Mosquitoes have a heightened ability to detect carbon dioxide from a significant distance, and those who exhale more carbon dioxide are more appealing to them. The nose and mouth are the primary sources of carbon dioxide, making the head a prime target for mosquitoes. And in fact Pregnant women and those who are overweight tend to emit more carbon dioxide, which can increase their chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

-Clothing: Wearing lighter shades like pastels, beige, or white can make you less visible to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have excellent vision and can detect colors easily, so choosing clothing that blends in with your surroundings can make you less of a target(pastels, beige, or white). Darker colors(Black and green) may stand out against your surroundings, making you more visible to mosquitoes and increasing your chances of being bitten.

-Diet: It's a bug's life, and according to common beliefs, what you munch on could make you a mosquito magnet. Apparently, eating foods with sweet, salty, spicy, or potassium-rich flavors is like a big neon sign for those pesky bugs. One study found that chowing down on a banana can lead to more mosquito bites than a plain old glass of water. And if you're a beer-lover, watch out - mosquitoes seem to have a taste for suds! Participants who had drank one liter of beer than those who had a liter of water

Reasons are not limited to the above explanations, There are more reasons including heat, sweat and Skin bacteria. Sources: 9 Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others
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