Mainstream Media Frustrating ODM


May 10, 2007
It is now emerging that the so called mainstream media in Kenya is giving Orange Democratic Movement a rough time by declining to air most of the party's campaign advertisements. These ads are normally paid for in advance and it is unclear why a supposedly 'free' and private media is behaving like this.

Whereas TV stations are carrying all sorts of PNU propaganda against ODM, nearly all of ODM's major advertisements are rejected by Kenyan editors on flimsy grounds that they too radical or too hard hitting. One such PNU publication is a fake MOU purportedly signed between Raila Odinga and Kenyan Muslims. Any one who lives in Kenya will not have failed to have noticed how newspaper editorials are cleverly worded to promote the image and policies of government while those of the ODM and ODM-K are given a cursory mention in general pages.

The latest advertisement is one perceived to be the answer to PNU 'domo' clip which has been totally rejected by Nation/NTV, Standard/KTN, KBC and even Citizen Media. This clip will be uploaded to this forum shortly and readers will be able to gauge for themselves if Kenyan media editors are serious about promoting transparency and democracy.

The good news is that; we in Kumekucha, in the spirit of providing alternative space to opposition parties especially ODM that has emerged as the strongest challenge to President Kibaki's re-election plans, will continue to highlight these issues and provide Kenyans with appropriate information so as to enable them make informed decisions when electing the next government.

Today, we post a sample of one of the ODM billboards that has been repeatedly vandalised especially in areas which the ODM candidate is alleged to have minimal support, but the younger generation in those areas are emerging strongly to voice their support for Raila Odinga and ODM.

This is NOT propaganda but the reality of Kenya under the NARC government for the last three years. The image tells you that 8700 Kenyans have died in the hands of Kenyan security agents and that it might be YOU next if you do not take action NOW. It further depicts the terrified, bloodied and oppressed faces of the poor Kenyans, including women and children being hounded by security personnel.


Media is a powerful tool- it can always be manipulated for political reasons! All the time in many situations incumbent regimes have always been blamed to be unfair to opposition! I doubt this view- it is two way traffic!
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