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Lieutenant Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete When The Commander Surrenders As Well

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by KAMBOTA, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    By Nova Kambota

    After the so called “operation vua gamba” has proved to be both toothless and fruitless, it is wise now we take a little time to think critically on the leadership of the chairperson of the rulling Chama cha Mapinduzi CCM , the former army officer Lieutenant Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete who is also the current president of The United Republic Of Tanzania.

    Yes! we can’t let things pass , as far as Kikwete is concerned we have to say something no matter what, of course we are compelled to get ourselves in the truck and give our views regardless of criticism from Kikwete himself or his supporters who are always against any one who wants to interfere their interests.

    From very beginning when Kikwete and his crew declared their plan to undergo tremendous changes in order to renew the lost political power of CCM many writers warned that Kikwete can’t do it, among these writers let me recall what “Msomaji raia” said in his article published in “Raia Mwema” with the title “CCM yenyewe ni gamba haina cha kujivua hata mwenyekiti Kikwete ni gamba”.The list of the writers who had doubts on Kikwete’s operation vua gamba includes Mzee Mwanakijiji, Lula Wa Ndali Mwana Nzela, Evarist Chahali, Jenerali Ulimwengu, Saed Kubenea , Ansbert Ngurumo and Kondo Tutindaga.

    In his article Msomaji Raia was straight forward that “operation vua gamba” required military techniques to make it happen, he said that it was much better for Kikwete to do what the so called “maamuzi ya kijeshi” to restructure CCM and reform its public image among the citizens to whom it has been nick named as “Chama Cha Mafisadi”, but there was one crucial point in Msomaji Raia’s article which I noted, he said that Kikwete is not the right person because he is also “gamba”. Msomaji Raia was clear that Kikwete raised to power by the help of some of the suspects who worked day nd night to make sure that he wins in the so called “ushindi wa sunami wa mwaka 2005” so Msomaji Raia asked how can Kikwete betray his friends? Does he like to be titled a traitor? Indeed not!, If he can’t take actions then there is no doubt that he is worthless to be the commander.

    Despite the fact that Kikwete is a commander but he seems to be so weak to lead the squad ,not only that but also he has lost the mandate over his own people. Consider the issue of “ufisadi” and how Kikwete plays a childish game by catching just “small fishes” while the “big fishes” are left free to swim from BOT to EPA and from Richmond to Dowans. This is very special with our Kikwete that he seems to be so weak to accomplish his operation “vua gamba”.

    Many people have been asking how can Nape, Mukama and Chiligati remove the so called “magamba” if at all the commander himself has surrendered even before the battle started? Kikwete has truly surrenderd and that is the reason why we don’t here about “kujivua gamba” anymore instead now the move has changed, now CCM propagandists are so busy dealing against the unbeatable Dr Slaa and his CHADEMA. Look how the government responds to CHADEMA as if it has turned to be of “Museveni type”. And once again this government is under CCM and Kikwete as the head and Chief Commander. Now the chief commander seems to be very good at fighting against Mbowe and Lissu and he is also strong enough to hide what is taking place in our mines starting from Nyamongo to Bynkhulu but it is bad luck that our chief commander can’t defeat our big enemies like Ignorance, the EPA thieves,the Dowans owners, Richmond people, poverty,poor education and congested poor roads in Dar city, this is our Chief commander who promised us “maisha bora kwa kila mtanzania” but doesn’t even know why are we poor? Look our commander doesn’t have priorities in life to him everything is possible in words but practically impossible...ooh! Kikwete.

    Kikwete has nothing to proud of , he has nothing to show us may be ward schools which have been nick named “mtambo wa kuzalisha sifuri” what use of schools without books and teachers? If Kikwete is to say that he has promoted freedom of speech in Tanzania then there is a clear answer here for him, that is as far as human rights are concerned freedom of speech is not under his power and so far he has to know whether he likes or not we have to talk because this is our only country , we don’t have another one, we love and care it we can’t let our country be turned into “shamba la bibi” in which everyone can get in and harvest any amount he wishes.

    It was our expectation that the commander could lead us in true revolution, rebirth of “miiko ya uongozi”as explained in Azimio la Arusha but it seems our Kikwete was so busy for ten years from 1995 to prepare “the mtandao” which has sent him to “Ikulu at magogoni” and after getting there , now he is so busy with his CCM while we are starving, crying and mourning. Unfortunately even in his CCM Kikwete is not capable to bring back CCM to “CCM adilifu ya Mwalimu Nyerere”, to him everything is failure and impossible, from “kujivua gamba” to “semina elekezi” all of them are just theories and not practicals, how can Kikwete achieve these if at all he allows everything in his CCM and government including technical problems to be solved on the basis of political techniques?. Of course our Kikwete has made us disappointed and sorrowful, just imagine if the commander himself has surrendered how can we win the battle?

    Who is better, he who writes because of his professional or I who writes what I believe?
    Nova Kambota Mwanaharakati,
    Call; 0717 709618 or +255717 709618
    Mail me to;
    For more critical analysis visit my site
    Tanzania, East Africa,
    Wednesday 15, June 2011.
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    He is Lieutenant Colonel for the Record. Naendelea kukusoma.....
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    IPECACUANHA JF-Expert Member

    Jun 15, 2011
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    He is Lieutenant Colonel for the not sure if I understand what you are asking him....nasoma tena