Legislator appeals for wise vote casting


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Feb 11, 2007
Legislator appeals for wise vote casting

2008-05-04 10:00:24
By Cynthia Mwilolezi, PST, Arusha

Karatu Parliamentarian Dr Wilbroad Slaa has appealed to Tanzanians to exercise extra care when casting their votes in future presidential elections lest they put in office a person who is bent on self-aggrandisement and selfishness.

Dr Slaa made the remarks in a presentation on the tasks of members of parliament, the public and cooperation in execution of national responsibilities at a debate on development strategies convened by non-governmental organization ANGONETI based here.

He said it was improper to have a leader who would turn the State House into his entrepreneurial base.

Elaborating, he said irrational voting on the part of the electorate automatically gives green light to selfish leaders to turn the resources of this huge country into their own gold mine.

``With such a background, most of them keep on telling us this country is poor.

How can such numerous investors keep on flocking to such a poor country if it was really poor!

This is a case of hoodwinking people who are not conscious of what goes around them,`` he said.

SOURCE: Sunday Observer
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