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Mar 31, 2011
How To Have An Affair | The Guide
If you’re reading this, there’s a strong chance you’re considering cheating on your spouse – but not leaving him / her. Deciding to have an affair is a personal choice.
People start thinking about cheating for various reasons. For some, it comes in waves. For others, it’s a persistent feeling; a thought you just can’t shake.
When considering a move like this, you need to become extremely honest with yourself. Only you understand your true motivations for starting on this path. Not being completely honest with yourself will only hinder you, and burden you with guilt, or worse: simply get you caught.
The first thing we need to examine is why you want to cheat discreetly instead of leaving your spouse. Here’s a few things you need to consider.
Affairs are not all about sex, but they are mostly about sex or sex-related feelings

Sex makes us feel good on multiple levels. It’s not just the physical part. The entire range of euphoric emotions that come with feeling aroused play a huge part in the satisfaction that we get from sex. It’s fun to seduce, and it’s fun to be seduced. It makes us feel good again.
For a lot of us, somewhere down the line, our marriage went from being fun to being complicated and tiring. My good friend Mike sums up best:
“We used to go into the city, party all night and screw in the back of cars. It was awesomely hot. Now, it’s all about bills, diapers and strip malls every other weekend. I needed to have some excitement back in my life before I went crazy.”
We do NOT endorse you cheat on your spouse. We discourage it. But we also acknowledge that circumstances could drive you into a very unsatisfying and complex mental state. All people have various dimensions of needs. In an ideal marriage all needs are met and managed by partners. Yet we do not live in an ideal world.
Happily ever after is very very rarely all that happy.
If you are like most people you are at a point in your life you lie in bed wondering if you could cross that boundary. if you could JUST HAVE ONE LITTLE FLING of excitement and nobody would ever know. If you could be ASSURED your wife/husband would never know and it wouldn’t hurt them.

We decided to build this guide as an effort to help SAVE the families from the devastation that comes from the discovery of infidelity. Research has proven that affairs more often HELP marriages if kept discrete, because it meets some unfulfilled needs.

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